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About Us - North Carolina Bar Association


    The NCBA provides a statewide assessment of trial court judges and non-incumbent candidates as a public service to the citizens of North Carolina.

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    Our members focus on their respective practice areas by joining and participating in one or more of 30 NCBA Sections.

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North Carolina Bar Association

The North Carolina Bar Association is a voluntary statewide organization composed of more than 19,500 lawyers, paralegals and law students. The NCBA was founded 1899 and is based at the N.C. Bar Center, located at 8000 Weston Parkway in Cary. Volunteer service and leadership permeates virtually every aspect of the organization, from four divisions devoted to young lawyers, senior lawyers, paralegals and law students, to 30 practice specialty sections, to the various committees, commissions and task forces of the NCBA.

Leadership is provided by the NCBA Board of Governors under the direction of a president who is elected to a one-year term. Individuals comprising membership in the Board of Governors also serve on the Board of Directors for the NCBA’s closely held foundation, the NCBA Foundation, Inc. The NCBA is a 501(c)(6) trade organization; the NCBA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The NCBA Foundation was established in 1960. Allan Head serves as executive director of the NCBA.

The NCBA Diversity Statement: The North Carolina Bar Association is an inclusive organization committed to recognizing, respecting, promoting and encouraging diversity among its leadership, its membership and the entire legal community.