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Committee Descriptions

2013-2014 NCBA & NCBA Foundation Committee & Task Force Descriptions With Chairs & Staff Liaisons (F = NCBA Foundation Committees)

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Access To Justice Leadership Council (ATJ-LC) (F) provides NCBA leadership to increase the level of financial support by lawyers for the annual statewide Legal Aid of North Carolina Access to Justice Campaign. It works to strengthen local bar and legal aid office relationships while actively encouraging local financial contributions of the private bar to the ATJ annual campaign. (Chair: John Beard) (Staff Liaison: Tom Hull)

Administration of Justice Committee (F) monitors the civil and criminal justice systems in North Carolina and addresses such important issues as overcrowded court dockets, creation of new courts, public defender's offices and judicial salaries. (Chair: Chris Lam) (Staff Liaison: Kim Crouch)

Appellate Rules Committee (F) examines the rules of appellate procedure and recommends needed changes to the North Carolina Bar Association Board of Governors for ultimate referral to the Chief Justice and the North Carolina Supreme Court. (Chair: Beth Scherer) (Staff Liaison: Kim Crouch)

Audit & Finance Committee (A/F) is made up of members of the Board of Governors to reviews the financial affairs of the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc. It prepares the annual budget and serves as the audit committee. (Chair: Catharine Arrowood) (Staff Liaison: Ginny Craig)

Bench/Bar Liaison Committee promotes cooperation between the bench and the bar to advance the profession and its service to the public. Membership consists of judges and attorneys. (Co-Chairs: Richard Gottlieb & Judge Thomas Schroeder) (Staff Liaison: Kim Crouch)

Charter & Bylaws Committee (A/F) is made up of members of the Board of Governors. The committee originates and recommends amendments to the Charter & Bylaws of both the North Carolina Bar Association and the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc. It also assists the Board of Governors in submitting proposed charter and bylaws amendments to the membership. (Chair: Renny Deese) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Citizen-Lawyer Committee promotes the public service of attorneys in North Carolina through the Citizen Lawyer Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize and thank lawyers who exemplify the ideals of a citizen lawyer, such as an attorney’s public service in appointed and elected positions, work with non-profit charitable and political organizations, and volunteering with youth sports programs and religious organizations. (Chair: Teresa Brenner) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Committee For Judicial Independence is charged with implementing the provisions of the Judicial Independence Resolution (adopted by the NCBA Board of Governors on Jan. 17, 2002) which include promoting judicial independence by increasing public and legislative awareness of the importance of an impartial and independent judiciary and seeking improvements in the methods of selection of judges and justices. (Co-Chairs: John Wester & Jim Phillips) (Staff Liaison: Kim Crouch)

Communications Committee recommends to the Board of Governors and/or Executive Director requirements to accommodate the communications needs of the NCBA. It also educates and informs the public of NCBA programs and projects, helps the public understand the rule of law and the role of lawyers in society and instills confidence and respect of the legal system by using whatever media are most effective and appropriate. It also educates and informs members about NCBA activities, accomplishments and opportunities. (Chair: Paul Carruth) (Staff Liaison: Russell Rawlings)

Continuing Legal Education Committee (F) has oversight responsibility for the Continuing Legal Education program of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc. (Chair: Steve Epstein) (Staff Liaison: Amy Plent)

Convention Planning Advisory Committee is charged with advising the President and North Carolina Bar Association staff in planning the NCBA Annual Meeting. (Chair: Alex Dale) (Staff Liaison: Tom Hull)

Development Committee (F) provides volunteer leadership for fundraising activities conducted by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc. including the fundraising for the annual Patron Campaign; the growth of the Foundation's Endowment through the establishment of Justice Funds, Liberty Funds and other named funds; the education of members about planned giving opportunities and the Platt D. Walker Society; and special projects assigned by the Foundation Board of Directors. (Chair: Nick Ellis) (Staff Liaison: Tom Hull)

Endowment Committee (F) reviews funding requests and recommends grants from the Endowment of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc. Upon approval of the Foundation Board of Directors, awards, publicizes and then monitors grants to ensure effective use of funds and successful completion of grant projects. (Chair: Phyllis Pickett) (Staff Liaison: Tom Hull)

4All Service Day Committee (F) is a joint initiative NCBA and NCBA Foundation that provides civil legal services to the poor in North Carolina. The committee implements and executes the 4ALL Statewide Service Day, held annually on the first Friday in March, at which volunteer attorneys field legal questions from those in need. This committee works with all NCBA and NCBAF entities and the legal aid community to garner volunteers, to update support and training materials, and to ensure that thousands of callers receive free legal information from N.C. attorneys on Statewide Service Day. (Co-Chairs: Stephanie Crosby & Afi Johnson-Parris) (Staff Liaison: Mary Horowitz)



Investment Committee (A/F) oversees the investments of the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Inc., including the Endowment, and assures that their respective funds are invested in the proper manner. (Chair: Mike Hearn) (Staff Liaison: Ginny Craig)

Judicial Performance Evaluation (JPE) Committee (F) was created in 2008 to conduct a judicial performance evaluation survey of Superior and District Court judges whose seats are up in the next election cycle. The committee serves to strengthen the judiciary by providing the citizens of North Carolina with information to make informed and educated choices when voting for judges. (Chair: Nancy Norelli) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Latino Affairs Committee works to establish a network of Hispanic/Latino lawyers in North Carolina, identifies Spanish-speaking attorneys around the state to assist non-English speaking clients, and exchanges information on the particular needs of Hispanic/Latino clients. (Chair: Denisse Gonzalez) (Staff Liaison: Ashley Randall)

Law-Related Education Committee (F) is responsible for organizing and promoting the NCBA’s efforts toward a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the rule of law in both the youth and adult population of our state. The Lawyers in the Schools Committee was merged into the Law- Related Education Advisory Committee in an effort to make a very successful program even better and far reaching. (Co-Chairs: Keith Howard & Jim Morgan) (Staff Liaison: Diane Wright)

Law School Liaison Committee facilitates communication between legal educators and the practicing bar and serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding the law schools. The committee also is responsible for examining and monitoring all aspects of pre-licensure education. (Chair: Dean George Johnson ) (Staff Liaison: Amy Plent)

Lawyer Effectiveness & Quality of Life Committee (F) is responsible for carrying out the recommendations of the Quality of Life Task Force as set out in its Final Report dated June 20, 1991. In carrying out these recommendations, the committee engages in activities to help attorneys successfully practice law in an ever increasingly complex and competitive profession. (Chair: Sean Doyle) (Staff Liaison: Anne Strickland)

Lawyer on the Line Committee (F) [formerly Call 4ALL Task Force] plans, oversees and implements this NCBAF-Legal Aid of North Carolina partnership program. Lawyer on the Line volunteers provide advice by phone to Legal Aid-screened clients in a practice area of their choice, at the frequency he or she designates, and each call generally takes less than one hour. ( Co-Chairs: Emily Moseley & Ann Anderson) (Staff Liaison: Ashley Randall)

Lawyer Referral Service Committee (F) monitors and advises the NCBA Foundation and Lawyer Referral Service staff on the operation of the North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service. (Chair: Jennifer Bogacki) (Staff Liaison: Mary Horowitz)

The Legal Education Reform and Unmet Legal Needs Committee is a new permanent standing committee whose mission will be to coordinate between the Bar Association, NC law schools, local and rural bar associations, practitioners, students and the public on a vision for the future of North Carolina legal education. One critical component of this will be the implementation of programs that deepen the practical skills and experience of our emerging and new North Carolina attorneys while delivering legal services that meet unmet or underserved needs of North Carolinians. (Staff Liaison: Amy Plent)

Legislative Advisory Committee works with the NCBA’s Office of Governmental Affairs to provide advice and counsel to the Board of Governors regarding public policy and legislative priorities. It will closely look at strategies and initiatives that the NCBA may undertake to effectively advance its legislative agenda, particularly on substantive legislation involving the legal profession and the administration of justice. The Committee will develop and propose recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding various legislative strategies (Chair: Paul Meggett) (Staff Liaison: Kim Crouch)

Local Bar Services Committee acts as the advisory committee to offer recommendations about how the Association may serve the needs of local bar organizations. This committee also conducts the annual Bar Leadership Institute, a full day of leadership skills training for leaders of local, judicial district and specialty bar organizations across the state, and is responsible for enacting the recommendations of the Lawyers for an Educated Work Force Task Force by engaging local bars in activities they can implement in their local schools. (Chair: Arnita Dula) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Medico-Legal Liaison Committee is responsible for periodic review of and revisions to the Medico-Legal Guidelines and for promoting the understanding and cooperation between the bar and the medical profession. (Chair: Charles George) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Membership Committee is charged with identifying, recommending and implementing strategies to encourage new and continued membership of North Carolina attorneys in the North Carolina Bar Association. The committee also identifies ways to attract and retain the membership and to foster the participation of certain attorney groups such as women, ethnic minorities, nonprofit counsel, plaintiffs’ attorneys and public-sector attorneys. The committee reviews all services offered to NCBA members, as well as membership recruitment and retention. (Chair: Dan McLawhorn) (Staff Liaison: Catherine Peglow)

Memorials Committee is made up of members of the Board of Governors. It is responsible for reporting the names of deceased NCBA members and honoring them by a memorial tribute at the Annual Meeting. (Co-Chairs: Stuart Russell & Felicia Washington ) (Staff Liaison: Allan Head)

Military & Veterans Affairs Committee (F) develops and oversees NCBA-led efforts serving attorneys that practice in military- and veterans-related areas of law, and organizes and promotes activities and projects that directly serve active duty and retired military personnel. The NC Veterans Pro Bono Project will report to this committee regularly regarding their work assisting veterans on a pro bono basis. (Chair: Kirk Warner) (Staff Liaison: Mary Horowitz)

Minorities in the Profession Committee is dedicated to outreach to promote an increased presence of minorities in the legal profession; to the on-going education of minorities in the legal profession; to the betterment of life for those minorities in the legal profession; to providing the general public with quality information regarding issues of concern to minority lawyers; and to the education of the general public about the contributions of North Carolina’s minority lawyers. To this end, the Minorities in the Profession Committee will create a programming agenda that will promote these purposes, and those of the North Carolina Bar Association. (Chair: Gerald Walden) (Staff Liaison: Ashley Randall

Nominations Committee selects and nominates qualified NCBA members for the offices of vice-presidents and board members, which are voted on by the membership at the NCBA Annual Meeting. (Chair: BOG, TBA Oct. 2013) Staff Liaison: Allan Head)

Past Presidents Council serves as a leadership resource to the various working groups of the NCBA and the NCBA Foundation. Its membership consists of seven past presidents of the NCBA charged with the responsibility of following up on major reports and recommendations, reviewing existing programs and advising current leadership on new challenges and opportunities. The Council also screens nominees for the office of President-Elect and selected NCBA/NCBAF awards. (Chair: Mike Wells) (Staff Liaison: Allan Head)

Personnel Committee (A/F) consults with the Executive Director and Audit and Finance Committee to advise NCBA officers and the Board of Governors regarding personnel matters. (Chair: Gene Pridgen) (Staff Liaison: Allan Head)

Planned Giving Committee (F) will lead all NCBA Foundation efforts to educate lawyers about planned giving and secure gifts from members and increase Platt D. Walker Society membership. All efforts will be coordinated with the Development Committee and will comply with gift acceptance policies of the Foundation. (Chair: Robert Wall) (Staff Liaison: Tom Hull)

Pro Bono Activities Committee (F) advises the NCBA Foundation on activities relating to pro bono delivery of legal services, works with NCBA sections, divisions, and committees to implement pro bono and public service projects, engages members in the delivery of pro bono legal services, and recognizes attorneys doing pro bono work through the NCBA’s annual Pro Bono Awards and through the Pro Bono Honor Roll. (Chair: Georgi Yonuschot) (Staff Liaison: Mary Horowitz)

Professionalism Committee (F) develops and oversees professionalism initiatives on behalf of the NCBA and the NCBA Foundation, including the North Carolina Lawyer Professional Creed. The committee recommends recipients for the annual H. Brent McKnight Renaissance Lawyer Award to the NCBA Board of Governors. (Chair: Lisa Sheppard) (Staff Liaison: Russell Rawlings)



Resolutions Committee (A/F) is made up of members of the Board of Governors. It prepares and screens all resolutions to be voted on by the membership at the NCBA Annual Meeting. It also serves as a working committee at Board meetings to draft necessary resolutions for considerations by the Board. (Chair: David Mills) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Strategic Planning & Emerging Trends Committee (A/F) is responsible for the continual planning process necessary to refine the goals of the NCBA and NCBA Foundation and to identify emerging issues of importance to the profession that should be addressed by the NCBA and NCBA Foundation. This committee also creates the strategic plan for the organization and is responsible for the implementation of such plan. (Chair: Ken Hammer) (Staff Liaison: David Bohm)

Technology Committee is charged with encouraging development and implementation of reliable remote access available to all North Carolina legal professionals via computer to public records; supporting and overseeing the evaluation and implementation of new technologies that support all facets of the NCBA; and helping NCBA members realize the benefits of technology through the identification and recommendation of products, services and providers of particular interest to legal professionals. (Chair: Tina Jones) (Staff Liaison: Tom Purdy)

Transitioning Lawyers Commission (TLC) [formerly Retiring With Dignity Task Force] will address the issues involved with winding down a law practice and retiring gracefully. The Task Force will identify the most important components of this process and establish a solid protocol to assist North Carolina lawyers and law firms. The undertaking will also consider the issues of aging and how to deal with cognitive impairment. (Chair: Nan Hannah) (Staff Liaison: Joyce Brafford)

Women in the Profession Committee serves as a resource for the NCBA by, among other things, identifying ways to encourage and maintain the active participation and advancement of women in the Association and the legal profession. This is achieved, in part, through educational programs, awareness initiatives, and networking events that highlight the accomplishments of women attorneys. (Chair: Mary Nash Rusher) (Staff Liaison: Catherine Peglow)