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NCBA Mentorship Program

The NCBA mentorship program was designed with three goals in mind. First, the program gives experienced practitioners an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with their mentees. Secondly, mentees will receive the benefits of a guiding hand as they traverse the reality of practicing law. Finally, the mentees will learn the importance of becoming a citizen lawyer. The end result is to help the entire legal profession by assisting young lawyers develop good character, competence, and a deeper appreciation for the responsibilities of the profession.

The program offers two distinct mentoring opportunities. The first is the more traditional approach in which a new lawyer and a more experienced lawyer develop an ongoing relationship, wherein the mentor guides the mentee through the many pitfalls associated with early practice. Through this program, the legal profession is strengthened by the support given to young lawyers, who may not otherwise have an advisor.

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The second branch of the program is the situational mentoring initiative. This unique development will allow mentors to provide guidance on a single question or topic. Those concerned that they don't have the time for a traditional mentoring relationship can, never the less, take advantage of the expertise and wisdom of more experienced attorneys who commit to answer one or more questions per month on a particular topic.

The Mentor Training CLE is not a requirement for mentors, but is available for those who would like some guidance on how to help a young lawyer make tough decisions, what topics should be covered in the mentoring meetings, or how to approach sensitive, but important subjects. In order to take the Mentor Training CLE, you must first commit to being a mentor.

If you are interested in either mentoring option, as a mentor or a mentee, please fill out the appropiate online mentorship application: Mentor or Mentee. For questions or comments, please contact Joyce Brafford at jbrafford@ncbar.org.

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