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Intellectual Property Law

Welcome to the Intellectual Property Law Section Page

The Intellectual Property Law Section examines copyright, patent and trademark law issues, providing information to its members about a vast array of issues related to international property law.

About the Intellectual Property Law Section

Membership in the Intellectual Property Law Section provides an opportunity to network with other intellectual property law attorneys and patent agents. The section sponsors CLE programs and services, provides members with a substantive newsletter, and helps mold the NCBA's legislative agenda for presentation to the General Assembly. The section also provides roundtable discussions, luncheons, legal updates and CLE discounts. Affiliate membership is offered to patent agents.

  • Intellectual Property Law Section Blog

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  • A Name Worth Fighting For: How Naming My Band The Slants Got Me to the Supreme Court.

    Simon Tam, founder and bassist of The Slants, talks frankly about the racism, legal troubles, and incredible stories about playing in the world's "first and only Asian American dance rock band."  From playing inside state prisons and military bases to touring geek anime conventions, things took a surprising twist when the government started accusing him of using a racial slur.

    Hear his fascinating story!

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  • Patent Cooperation CLE

    The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) makes it possible to seek patent protection for an invention simultaneously in each of a large number of countries by filing an “international” patent application.  Such an application may be filed by anyone who is a national or resident of the Contracting State.
     It may generally be filed with the national patent office of the Contracting State of which the applicant is a national or resident or, at the applicant’s option, with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva.

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