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  • "Provided practical perspectives on White Collar Criminal Defense from various players including investigators, judges, U.S. Attorneys and experienced defense counsel."

    Attendee A 360 View of White Collar Crimes from Start to Finish - From Investigators, Prosecutors, Practitioners and Judges

  • "There were many helpful sessions that provided real-world examples of issues that young lawyers may face. It is helpful to have an understanding of those issues before you face them on your own."

    Attendee Professionalism for New Attorneys (PNA) Fall 2016

  • "Great program overall" | "Well-balanced with pertinent topics"

    Attendee Real Property Potpourri: There's Something Here for Everyone Involved with Real Property Transactions (2017 Hot Topics in Real Property Winter Program)

  • "This program spurred good conversation with my spouse about retirement. It provided us with good resources to guide us as we decide how to wind down our practice." | "An excellent and timely topic."

    Attendees Mapping Your Retirement: Practicing without Fear

  • "I look forward to this every year. I get lots of useful information, and being an attorney who practices in the hinterlands, I enjoy the stories from down east where so much if going on" | "Gives me insight on what other practitioners across the state are doing. This yearly program and the IOG updates help me stay knowledgable since I don't have time to read as much as I would like."

    Attendees (R)evolutions in Criminal Practice (2017 Criminal Justice Section Annual Meeting)

  • "These [NCBA Books] are important first stop resources for me.  The only problem I have is getting my partners to return them when they borrow them.  I keep telling them to get their own"

    Bill P. Benjamin, Higgins Benjamin PLLC, Greensboro NCBA Publications

  • "I left the program thinking I might be a better lawyer than I was before the program, if for no other reason the reinforcement of seeing competent peers and being exposed to the subject matter from the eyes of others." | "It was a great review on a number of very relevant topics and there was some wonderful new information." | "A lot to take away from a full and informative day." | "Program was very well done. Organization and attention to detail was very evident." | "Very engaging topics and presenters. I thought the entire program was very well done."

    Attendees 2017 North Carolina Business Law and International Law & Practice Sections Joint Annual Meeting

  • ”Well-planned program. Interesting and timely compilation of topics” | "Great selection of speakers and topics. Practical and thoughtful." | "Great job!"

    Attendees The Do's, The Don'ts, The I Have's and I Won't: A Practical CLE for Land Use Attorneys (2017 Zoning, Planning & Land Use Section Annual Meeting)

  • "Very well organized and presented." | "Variety of topics was great!"

    Attendees 2015 Health Law Section Annual Meeting

  • "The Medicaid presentation was great." | "This gave me an overview of the areas of law encompassed by elder law." | "The materials for this program were fantastic."

    Attendees 2016 Basics of Elder and Special Needs Law