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  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the variety [of topics] and believe the program planner did a great job of putting it together." | "Great topics and speakers this year. Learned a lot!!" | "The program overall was very good. I liked the choices and the ability to move from one course tract to another."

    Attendees 2017 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting

  • "Terrific job! Something was learned every session attended." | "Excellent program. High-level CPE sessions and a wide range of topics."

    Attendees 2016 Paralegal Division Programs

  • "Very well organized and presented." | "Variety of topics was great!"

    Attendees 2015 Health Law Section Annual Meeting

  • "Very well done. Great content and format." | "Great range of topics" | "Very substantive information relevant to practice"

    Attendees 2017 Business Law Institute

  • "I enjoyed the variety of topics. The speakers were knowledgable. The attendees were friendly. I'm amazed that busy attorneys can pull off something like this so beautifully." | "The materials are great and we can read them on our own time. Organization was superb." | "It was a great opportunity for networking and, as a first time attendee, I learned a lot regarding the current state of things in Elder Law."

    Attendees 21st Annual Elder & Special Needs Law Symposium

  • "Jim Jesse was excellent - one of the best CLEs I have ever attended!" | "I would attend a program on any topic if the speaker and presentation were as engaging as this one. Too often the speaker is knowledgable but stiff and dry. Presenters like this make programs come alive." | "The course title and unique subject matter immediately captured my attention. The course was well-priced. The course materials are excellent. The instructor was outstanding." | "Enjoyed this program very much! I needed to know about copyright law because I have just written a book, so the class was helpful and I love music, so I loved the clips and insight into the music world."

    Attendees Rock 'n' Roll Law: Music Copyright Law and Cases Through the Fab Four

  • "Really good collection of topics!" | "Great refresher from law school and a lot of practical advice." | "This program had excellent variety...Thank you!!"

    Attendees 2014 Basics of Business Law

  • "The program was helpful because it made me more comfortable and confident in my abilities as a new lawyer. It cleared up a lot of basic questions that I had." 

    Attendee Professionalism for New Attorneys (PNA) Fall 2016

  • "Program was great!" | "Nicely done, great faculty!"


    Attendees What's Your Plan? What's Your Duty? Preparing for, Recognizing and Responding to Practice Disruptions and Attorney Incapacity (2015)

  • "Very interesting topics. Presentations were on time and engaging." | "Well conceived and useful program." | "Overall a good conference, the topics concerning motorsports was interesting and the speakers were knowledgeable."

    Attendees TRAC 2016: The Racing Attorney Conference