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  • ”Well-planned program. Interesting and timely compilation of topics” | "Great selection of speakers and topics. Practical and thoughtful." | "Great job!"

    Attendees The Do's, The Don'ts, The I Have's and I Won't: A Practical CLE for Land Use Attorneys (2017 Zoning, Planning & Land Use Section Annual Meeting)

  • "I left the program thinking I might be a better lawyer than I was before the program, if for no other reason the reinforcement of seeing competent peers and being exposed to the subject matter from the eyes of others." | "It was a great review on a number of very relevant topics and there was some wonderful new information." | "A lot to take away from a full and informative day." | "Program was very well done. Organization and attention to detail was very evident." | "Very engaging topics and presenters. I thought the entire program was very well done."

    Attendees 2017 North Carolina Business Law and International Law & Practice Sections Joint Annual Meeting

  • "Great overview of L&E law for someone who has had exposure to these topics but needs a referesher of the laws and how they all fit together." | "I took over 30 pages of notes!. Very informative/useful. Setting great! Snacks and lunch yummy! You did a TERRIFIC job!" | "Great resource materials."

    Attendees 2016 Fundamentals of Employment Law

  • "The program planners are to be commended. This program and the one that preceded it were the best I've seen." | "The planners did a fantastic job with the organization and presentation of this program, yet again!"

    Attendees War of the Roses in the Digital Age, Part II: The Roses Go to Court (2015 Family Law Fall Program)

  • "Relevant and timely updates on the law." | "Subject matter and organization were excellent!"

    Attendees 38th Annual Bankruptcy Institute

  • "The venue was excellent and the speakers very knowledgable about the subject." | "The program was very educational."

    Attendees On the Horizon: How Recent Legislation and Court Cases Impact Professional, Local and State Regulations (2017 Administrative Law Section Annual Meeting)

  • "The speakers were wonderful." | "Case law updates are always very helpful"

    Attendees Updating the Family Lawyer's Toolkit (2016 Family Law Section Annual Meeting)

  • "Very well organized and presented." | "Variety of topics was great!"

    Attendees 2015 Health Law Section Annual Meeting

  • "Exceptional speakers!" | "Great overall program covering different areas of practice."

    Attendees 2014 Practical Skills for North Carolina Paralegals

  • "I thought the program was excellent and very well-attended with some quality practitioners." | "It was a great way to meet with other members of our section, and the materials will be helpful with my work."

    Attendees Navigating Recent Changes that Affect Your Real Estate Practice (2016 Real Property Section Annual Meeting)