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Our members are the lifeblood of the Association - please join to take advantage of our many member benefits that impact your practice and your profession.

Click on any of the Membership Types below to open the PDF-format application that meets your needs. You have the option to a) mail it to Membership Services, North Carolina Bar Association, PO Box 3688, Cary, NC 27519-3688 or b) scan and email it to If you have any questions pertaining to the benefits associated with membership in the NCBA, please click here or call 1-800-662-7407 and ask for Membership Services.

Affiliate Membership Application

Non-lawyer professional accepted into designated sections (see Membership FAQ).

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Criminal Justice Subsidy Application

The standard, faxable Criminal Justice Subsidy Application.

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Law Student Membership Application

Free Law Student Division membership is open to all law students in ABA-accredited programs at NC law schools.

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Membership Application

Licensed in good standing with the N.C. State Bar or resident of N.C. who is licensed and in good standing with a state bar other than N.C.

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Paralegal Division Membership Application

Two classes of paralegal membership are open to those who perform or are eligible to perform substantive legal work under the direction of an attorney. Paralegal students will use the separate application to apply for membership. Definitions for both Regular and Provisional classes can be found at

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Paralegal Student Membership Application

The standard, faxable Paralegal Student Membership Application.

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Retired Membership Application

Age 60 (sixty) or above, and who have elected Retired Inactive status with the N.C. State Bar.

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Sections Application

The standard, faxable sections membership form.

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Sustainer Membership Application

Sustaining members meet the requirements of Regular members and enable the Association to accomplish goals outlined in the mission statement and further the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

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International Membership Application

Attorneys licensed outside the United States receives the same member benefits as an out-of-state member. This application must be completed with the International Lawyers Sponsor form, signed by a Regular member of the NCBA. To receive this sponsor form, call 919.677.0561 or email

Please note that NCBA dues are non-refundable. Dues overpayments will automatically be applied to the next year’s basic membership dues, unless the member instructs otherwise.