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Minorities in the Profession Committee

Welcome to the Minorities in the Profession Committee

The Minorities in the Profession Committee (MIP) is a committee of the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) dedicated to promoting an increased presence of people of color in the legal profession; the ongoing education of people of color in the legal profession; the betterment of life for those them in the legal profession; providing the public with quality information regarding issues of concern to lawyers and legal professionals of color; and educating the public about the contributions of North Carolina’s lawyers and legal professionals of color. To this end, the MIP has developed two programmatic areas, “Preparing to Practice” and “Promoting the Practice” each with subcommittees that provide programs and events to promote these purposes. This committee is led by co-chairs Jasmine McGhee and Tawanda Foster Artis. The NCBA Communities Manager is Holly Morris.

Preparing to Practice Programs

Providing law students of color with the skills necessary to prepare them for a successful legal career through the following:

  • Attorney-Student Diversity Socials | Facilitates networking and mentorship between law students and practicing attorneys
  • Minority Pre-Law Conference | Offers valuable information to undergraduate and high school students who are considering a career in the law
  • 1L Summer Associate Program | Provides corporate legal departments and major law firms in North Carolina with a recruiting vehicle through which to interview and offer summer internship positions to 1L law students of color from each of North Carolina’s law schools
  • ¡Adelante! Moving Forward Program | Teaches law students the skills necessary to successfully transition from law school into the work force as a well-rounded attorney

Promoting the Practice Programs

Formed to increase the visibility of lawyers and legal professionals of color in the community; foster success for attorneys of color; encourage diverse attorney longevity in the legal profession; and increase diversity in the profession. These goals are achieved, in part, by the following:

  • Minority Corporate Counsel Program | Brings together in-house counsel and attorneys of color and their law firms to further diversity and inclusion efforts in the legal profession
  • Attorney Diversity Socials | Provides a networking opportunity for diverse attorneys
  • CLE Panel Diversity | Encourages and promotes greater diversity on CLE panels
  • Diverse Attorney Recognitions & Blog Communications | Raises awareness of recognitions available to attorneys and encourages an increase in diverse attorney nominations for same, as well as drafts and manages content for the MIP blog.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Symposium | Starting in May 2018, this symposium is held every other bar year. The next symposium will be on May 15, 2020 (register here). This event targets attorneys of color and their allies to energize them with new ideas about with diversity and inclusion, overcoming challenges in the legal environment, and also provides attendees with content that creates a lens through which to better understand and become involved in diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Legal Legends of Color | This is an annual event on the Friday evening of the NCBA Annual Meeting.  MIP recognizes attorneys of color who have made a significant impact on the community. Recipients must have practiced at least 15 years. More information about LLOC can be found here.

Legal Legends of Color

MIP will celebrate its fifth installment of the Legal Legends of Color Awards in conjunction with the 2020 NCBA Annual Meeting in Charlotte on June 26 at 8:30 p.m. Previous honorees include: former Chief Justice Henry E. Frye, James E. “Fergie” Ferguson II, and Justice Cheri Lynn Beasley (2016); Judge Albert Diaz, former Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson, and Professor Irving Joyner (2017); Judge Shirley Fulton, Judge Paul Jones, Glenn Adams, Victor Boone (2018) and Professor Charles Daye, Janice Cole, former legislator H. M. “Mickey” Michaux Jr., Judge Sammie Chess and the late Julius Chambers (2019). Use this form to nominate a Legal Legend for the 2021 installment of honorees.