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All communications with the TLC will be treated as confidential. If you call to seek help for yourself, your inquiry will be treated as confidential. If you call as the spouse, child, law partner, or friend of a lawyer whom you suspect may need help, your communication is also treated as confidential and will not be relayed without your permission to the lawyer for whom you are seeking help. The TLC has a committee of trained lawyer volunteers who are ready and willing to help. The TLC is completely separate from the disciplinary arm of the State Bar. If you disclose to TLC staff or to a TLC volunteer any misconduct or ethical violations, it is confidential and cannot be disclosed. See Rules 1.6(c) and 8.3(c) of the Rules of Professional Conduct. The TLC works because it provides an opportunity for a lawyer to get safe, confidential help before the consequences of any impairment become irreversible.