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Interested in learning more about women in the legal profession? Explore our important links listing now and bookmark your favorites.

  • ABA Commission on Women in the Profession - The Commission on Women in the Profession, comprised of twelve members appointed by the ABA President, was created in 1987 to assess the status of women in the legal profession and to identify barriers to advancement.
  • ATLA Women Trial Lawyers Caucus - The Women Trial Lawyers Caucus' primary goal is to increase female membership and participation. The Caucus also actively seeks out more opportunities to work on joint programs with other ATLA Sections and special interest groups.
  • Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., Lawyer's Life Coach - Discover how to construct a satisfying, secure and balanced career and personal life within -- or outside of -- the legal profession.
  • Harvard Women's Law Journal - Founded in 1977 and currently working on its thirty-second volume, the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender (originally the Harvard Women's Law Journal) is the nation’s oldest continuously publishing feminist law journal. The JLG is devoted to the advancement of feminist jurisprudence and the study of law and gender. By combining political, economic, historical, sociological, and legal perspectives, we seek to clarify legal issues that have gendered aspects and implications, and to confront new challenges to full social equality. Our journal also explores the interconnections between race, class, sexuality, and gender in the law.
  • Multicultural Women Attorney Network - The Network, a joint project of the Commission on Women and the ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession, addresses issue of special concern to multicultural women lawyers. It produces programs, roundtables and publications to identify the impact of race/ethnicity and gender on the professional development of multicultural women lawyers.
  • National Association of Women Judges - The National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ) provides strong, committed judicial leadership to ensure fairness and gender equality in American courts.
  • National Conference of Women's Bar Associations - The NCWBA is an organization of women's bar associations, for women's bar associations. It provides a national forum for exchanging ideas and information vital to organizational growth and success in today's profession.
  • North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys - NCAWA offers members a mechanism to influence legislation, case law and the selection of judges in the state through its Government Action Committee, Lobbyist and Judicial Endorsements Committee (a registered PAC).
  • Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies - The Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies (RLAWS) is a legal journal produced by students of the University of Southern California Law School.
  • The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and The Law - The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law publishes papers addressing social and political equality under the law.
  • The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law - Founded in 1989 by students at Columbia University School of Law, the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law is a journal devoted to scholarship on the interaction between gender and law.
  • UNC Women in Law - Women in Law provides a forum for discussion of issues facing women in the judicial process, women as professionals, and women in our society, and for networking among women law students and women in the legal profession in North Carolina.
  • Yale Journal of Law & Feminism - We present differing feminist perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Our journal has included articles on reproductive freedom, concerns of African-American women, judicial prosecution of prostitutes, criticism of judicial deference to the military, and the feminization of poverty.