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Tips & Etiquette

  1. When sending a message, use a meaningful subject line. This is a time-saving mechanism for receivers. People will know if something can wait. Also, if they are not interested in the topic, they can delete the message. If you subscribe to a number of lists or one with a high volume of messages, you'll appreciate those messages that have clear, meaningful subject lines.

  2. When responding to a message, keep your messages brief. Include a portion or a summary of the message you are responding to, but don't forward the entire message.

  3. Stick to the topics intended for discussion on the ListManager. If you deviate from the intended discussion topics, someone may object, hopefully in a polite way. Or people may unsubscribe if they consider the messages to be unhelpful.

  4. Identify yourself. This could simply be your first and last name, or it could include your law firm and town. Many e-mail addresses do not clearly indicate the identity of an individual.

  5. Don't use all upper case when writing. This is thought of as shouting and is considered rude.

  6. NCBA policy forbids sending attachments through ListManager. The exception is if individuals or the ListManager manager gives prior permission. There is a lot of concern about computer viruses and attachments are a key way they invade computers.

  7. Don't send meaningless messages with no content, such as "I agree!" The exception there is if you want the specific individual to know, you can send the response directly to the sender and not the entire ListManager. You have to be careful that you are e-mailing only the sender.

  8. Avoid "flaming" individuals. Flaming is when people send insulting, abrasive or threatening remarks. If you have a conflict with an individual, please settle it by private e-mail messages.

  9. Similarly, don't be critical of people's queries. Many people are "newbies" to ListManager. If you think it would be helpful, send them a private message and "gently" make suggestions.

  10. Have an opening and closing to your message. Not only is this considered polite in the ListManager world, it also assures the person that the entire message is included. It can be as simple as "Dear Group" or "Hi" for a greeting and "Bye for now" or "Thanks" for a conclusion.

  11. Unsubscribe if you'll be gone for a week or more. If you can't or don't want to check your e-mail while away, you should unsubscribe and then resubscribe when you return. It's a simple process. If you do want to stay subscribed during an absence, please do not use the "out of office" reply because it will go to everyone every time any message is sent.

  12. Be careful when using humor in your messages. Your intended thoughts may not translate. Consider using emoticons to get across your emotions. Below are some samples of the text-based icons you can create from your keyboard.

:-) Smiley

;-) Winky smiley

:-> Devilish grin

:-( Frowny face

(-: Left-handed smiley

:-{) User has a mustache

[:-) User is wearing a walkman

Z:-D Laughing

%-) User's been staring at the screen too long

8-) User wears glasses

:-o Surprise, astonishment