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Bar Center Auditorium Upgraded

Bar Center Auditorium Upgraded

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The best place to obtain continuing legal education instruction in North Carolina is even better now, thanks to several recent enhancements to the Dorsett Auditorium at the N.C. Bar Center.

The sound and lighting upgrades implemented by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation will enhance the CLE experience for participants and attendees alike. The same holds true for anyone attending or presenting a program of any nature in the auditorium.

Improvements include professional lighting that will maximize the appearance of speakers. Sound quality will also be significantly better now that a single main speaker has been replaced by six state-of-the art speakers mounted throughout the auditorium.

Additionally, ceiling and fixed microphones will allow for better audience participation on webcasts and much better sound quality on video replays.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this project, and believe our members and other Bar Center guests will benefit immensely from these improvements,” said NCBA CLE Director Catherine Peglow. “Our position as North Carolina’s leading CLE provider will be enhanced tremendously by these upgrades.”

Whether you’re attending in person, via webcast, on-demand or through video replay, there’s never been a better time to earn your CLE credits through programs presented “by North Carolina lawyers for North Carolina lawyers” at the N.C. Bar Center.