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Foundation Awards Endowment Grants

Foundation Awards Endowment Grants

The North Carolina Bar Association Foundation announces its most recent endowment grants approved on June 23 at the Board of Directors meeting in Charlotte.

A total of 20 for July-December 2016 were approved in the amount of $143,664, including 15 statewide and five local/regional grants. With these new grants the NCBA Foundation Endowment has awarded more than $5.4 million for 682 grants across North Carolina.

This grant cycle includes support for a televised judicial forum, three legal services projects, one historical commemoration, two diversity and inclusions outreach efforts, one student mock trial competition, two young lawyer service projects, four domestic violence programs, two projects helping lawyers in need, one military/veterans project, five local/regional projects in Charlotte (2), Asheville, Winston-Salem and Turkey, N.C.

All of the organizations and their projects are listed below with dollar amounts for each grant in parenthesis.

Statewide Grants
Legal Aid Fair Housing Project: Will explain the efficacy of fair housing laws and their impact on those without safe and adequate housing. ($2,000)

Law-Related Education: Support for the statewide Middle School Mock Trial Competition and Lawyers for Literacy programs which educate students about our system of government, the roles of judges and lawyers in society and builds respect and understanding of the rule of law. ($17,000)

YLD Law Week/Liberty Bell Award: Hosts two regional Moot Court competitions, a final competition in Raleigh at the Supreme Court, multiple contests for grade school students, chooses a Liberty Bell Award recipient and organizes and hosts the 2017Law Day Luncheon. ($15,000)

North Carolina Supreme Court Historical Society: 50thAnniversary of the N.C. District Courts, 2016; 50th Anniversary of the Court of Appeals, 2017; 240th Anniversary of the Superior Courts, 2017; and the 200th Anniversary of the N.C. Supreme Court, 2019, with education materials explain the courts and their roles. ($5,000)

Legal Aid of N.C. (LANC) Legal Helpline: This project helps LANC expand the number of clients that are able to access direct legal services through the statewide, toll-free number. The LANC staff screen and refer eligible clients to the NCBA Lawyer on the Line pro bono volunteer project who provide free short service for their legal needs. ($20,000)

Diversity and Inclusion Summit: Minority lawyers and their allies from across NC will gather to discuss the important issues facing people of color in the legal profession. As well, the event helps these lawyers build their networks of mutual support, ($5,000)

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund: Made possible by the Jane B. Weathers Fund this effort will assist lawyers facing challenges in their personal lives after unexpected emergencies have set roadblocks in their way ($5,115)

N.C. Lawyers for Entrepreneurs Assistance Program & Inventor Assistance Program (NC LEAP/IAP): General operating support for 2015-16 to provide legal assistance to start-up entrepreneurs and inventors who are building their small businesses across North Carolina. ($15,000)

Appellate Judicial Candidates Forum: Educating the public about our judicial candidates will be greatly expanded by this TV broadcast co-sponsored by UNC-TV and the NCBA and its Foundation. ($8,000)

Annual Meeting Professionalism Speaker: Linda A. Klein, ABA President-Elect, addressed lawyers about important issues facing the profession in Charlotte on June 25; made possible by the Wilis Smith/Willis Smith, Jr. Justice Fund ($8,585)

North Carolina Coalition against Domestic Violence – Legal Empowerment and Advocacy Project: The purpose of the project is to increase access to vital legal support and representation for domestic violence survivors in North Carolina by pro-bono attorneys. ($5,000)

LAP Foundation of North Carolina, Inc.: The foundation provides revolving loan funds to help lawyers and judges with "last dollar support" for expenses relating to counseling, treatment and medication for matters dealing with addiction to alcohol or other drugs or for mental illness. ($5,000)

YLD Legal Feeding Frenzy & Food Banks of N.C.: A three-week food and fund drive competition among all North Carolina law-related organizations to see which team can raise the most pounds of food per employee to benefit local Feeding America Food Banks. ($650)

Military & Veterans Law Section: CLE program targeted to active military attorneys with  pro bono content in the following areas:  Service members Civil Relief Act, child custody/visitation, military pension division, landlord/tenant special victims’ counsel, the Survivor Benefit Plan and consumer law. ($6,000)

N.C. Conference of District Attorneys Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias Training: Training will educate prosecutors to understand and relate to diverse cultural groups. ($8,000)

Local/Regional Grants
Council for Children’s Rights – Custody Advocacy Program: Pro-bono lawyers appointed by Family Court judges in Mecklenburg County to represent the best interests of children in difficult custody cases. ($2,943)

Safe Alliance – Legal Representation Project (LRP): Assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault obtain protective orders in Mecklenburg County. ($2,000)

Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina: Provides advocacy and representation in the triad area to vulnerable children embroiled in high conflict custody or domestic violence cases. The CLC attorneys are court appointed by judges who need accurate, thorough investigated reports as they make decisions about the future of these children. ($9,370)

Project Outreach, Inc.: Resolving Conflicts in School: Focuses on teaching youth in grades 6-8 in rural Sampson County how the legal system works by teaching them courtroom procedures. Students with leadership ability are chosen to be trained as court officials to oversee nonviolent conflicts. ($1,000)

Pisgah Legal Services – Volunteer Lawyer Clinic/Consultation Expansion:  Support for the Mountain Area Volunteer Lawyer (MAVL) program to expand the number of cases handled by private attorneys through consultations and clinics. ($3,000)

Each grant helps fulfill one of the purposes of the NCBA Foundation Endowment which are:

  • To build respect for and understanding of the law;
  • To support the delivery of legal services to eligible indigent communities;
  • To support legally related community service projects;
  • To study, improve and facilitate the administration of justice; and
  • To enhance the professional competence of lawyers

Semi-annual grants make possible dozens of statewide bar projects and the legally related service/educational projects of many bar-affiliated, non-profit organizations. The Endowment is the philanthropic heart of the NCBA Foundation and the NCBA.

Please direct any questions about applying for grants to Tom Hull, Director of Development for the NCBA Foundation, via e-mail ( or phone 919-677-0561 or 800-662-7407.