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Upcoming LRS Fee Structure Changes

Upcoming LRS Fee Structure Changes

The Lawyer Referral Service will undergo two big programmatic changes this summer. First, the LRS will transition to align with the NCBA bar year cycle, which runs July 1–June 30. The LRS traditionally has operated by calendar year, but now will operate in parallel with the NCBA membership year. Members who renew their LRS memberships this summer, along with their NCBA memberships, will be enrolled in the LRS through next June 30, 2017.

Second, beginning in July the LRS will be altering its membership fee structure to include a 10% remittance fee owed by LRS members for every LRS-referred matter that results in $500 or more in client fees (5% remittance fee in Social Security matters). The remittance fee will be in addition to the $150 LRS membership fee, which includes one practice area panel. Additional practice area panels will cost $50 each.

LRS practice panels include: Administrative Law, Appellate Law, Business & Municipality Law, Civil Rights, Contracts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning & Elder Law, Family Law, Financial Matters, Immigration & International Law, Insurance & Auto Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation, and Real Estate Law.

LRS members may enroll to receive referrals from as many N.C. counties as desired, with no additional fees. The more practice panels and counties in which a member is enrolled, the more LRS referrals s/he is likely to receive.

Current or previous members of the LRS who wish to renew their LRS memberships for 2016-2017 may do so by emailing the LRS staff at LRS@ncbar.org. New LRS members may enroll here.