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Members Share Their Love of Song and Dance

Members Share Their Love of Song and Dance

NCBA members Dwight Ensley and Carolyn Woodruff of Greensboro, who are also husband and wife, give back to their community by sharing the gift of music and dance.

By Tracy P. Wall
At its very core, the concept of music is simple: a series of notes and words arranged in such a way as to elicit a specific emotional response. While our minds can easily conceptualize the mechanics of music, it’s only through our hearts that we can understand the true power as to what it means. The very moment that our hearts make the emotional connection with a song or piece of music, we transcend the constraints of our earthly world and embrace pure spirituality.

Carolyn and Dwight dress the part for their dance camp.

As Plato said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Going hand-in-hand with music, dance is the physical manifestation of the power of music to move our hearts. It’s through these two elements that we take humanity to the next level.

NCBA member Dwight A. Ensley, president of ValuePointe.biz, a business valuation firm in Greensboro, fully understands the transformative properties of music and the emotional hold that it can have on those that experience it. As a professional ballroom dancer, he spends most nights honing his skill in transferring the emotions and spirituality of music into a physical incarnation of same. Like most music and dance aficionados, he has seen and experienced the pure adrenalin-producing emotional transformation that music brings forth.

As a way of giving back to the community, Ensley, along with his wife and fellow NCBA member Carolyn Woodruff, principle of Woodruff Family Law Group in Greensboro, sponsor a yearly dance camp for the Girls and Boys Club called The Captain Green Eyes Dance Troupe.

In addition to learning a dance routine, children of the Boys and Girls Club are taught how to feel the music and allow it to open the doors within their hearts and lives. As a catalyst for emotional and social development, dance camp exposes the children to a world that they may not have the opportunity to explore otherwise.

This year represented the 5th anniversary of the Captain Green Eyes Dance Troupe and to celebrate, the Greensboro Police Department joined in to make the “Greensboro Dance Day” extra special. In addition, a dance battle was choreographed and performed by The Underground Dance League featuring Tyler McNeil.

So who is Captain Green Eyes? Captain Green Eyes is a fictional character who is a key character in a children’s book co-authored by Woodruff and Ensley named Seven Nights of Santa, a book designed for small children and their families regardless of the form of the family. Seven Nights of Santa has just been translated into Lithuanian as another charitable project and is being given to all children in orphanages in Lithuania this summer.

Other charities of Woodruff and Ensley include: Big Hair Ball of Family Service of the Piedmont; Carolina Dancing with the Stars for Operation Smile; JDRF; Piedmont Triad Run for hunger; and Men Can Cook for the Women’s Resource Center.

Tracy P. Wall serves as director of business development for ValuePointe.biz.