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Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office

Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office

Barron K. Henley

Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office is a full-day conference on Thursday, May 18, featuring Barron K. Henley of Affinity Consulting Group, a national expert on technology solutions for lawyers.

The program, presented by the Center for Practice Management, is designed for legal professionals to teach you exactly what you need to know to make Word work on your terms. Save time. Bill more. Make fewer mistakes. Draft better documents. Learn about formatting, collaborating with colleagues, converting from WordPerfect, creating custom tools, using macros, creating quick parts and more.

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Why Lawyers should take an MS Word Seminar
Lawyers and other legal professionals spend a significant portion of their billable time working in Microsoft Word. If a lawyer can increase his/her efficiency by 15 percent, they can recover an additional hour of billable time.

Clients, especially corporate clients, are demanding a certain level of proficiency in programs like Word. Lawyers are being asked to demonstrate that the time it takes to produce a document is commensurate with other professionals. If an attorney is not able to use Word adequately, it will negatively affect the attorney’s ability to attract new clients.

Microsoft Word is a program that nearly anyone can use. But the vast majority of its tools are hidden just out of sight. Even frequent users of Word are unlikely to stumble upon some of its most useful features without some training.

About Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office
Word classes designed for the general public just don’t address the issues legal professionals face when drafting legal instruments. By contrast, this class is designed by lawyers, for lawyers.

This program will cover formatting fundamentals, creating and editing tables of authorities and contents, using document collaboration tools, understanding the basics of styles, converting from WordPerfect, using templates, enabling macros, and creating shortcut keys.

Barron K. Henley, Esq., Affinity Consulting Group, LLC
Barron K. Henley is one of the most popular Colorado CLE instructors and a national expert on technology solutions for lawyers. He is one of the managing partners of Affinity Consulting Group LLC in Columbus, Ohio, which has provided legal technology consulting to more than 500 law firms nationwide. He is an attorney with over 16 years of experience in legal technology and one of the most renowned experts on Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Hot Docs. He is a member of the ABA Law Practice Division and the Technology Committee and a frequent continuing legal education speaker on legal-specific technology issues.