Military & Veterans Law Section Forming

The North Carolina Bar Association is excited to announce the formation of the Military & Veterans Law Section. Click here to join now and your section membership will be good through June 30, 2016.

The Military & Veterans Law Section will bring together NCBA members who have a special interest in military law or veteran-focused legal services and serve as a coordinating body for NCBA activities and initiatives impacting military and veterans. 

The new section will sponsor CLE training for practitioners, connect lawyers to veterans in need of legal assistance, provide a forum to keep current with veteran-focused legal issues and military law, promote initiatives and legislation supporting our military and veterans and serve as a liaison with public entities on veteran-related services and activities.

Annual section dues will be $40. The Military & Veterans Law Section will build on the excellent work of the Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, which has been very active and engaged with military and veteran public entities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved!

This new section is subject of final approval by our NCBA Board of Governors, so if you practice in this area or have a passion for the military, join now to show your interest in being involved. 

Don’t forget there are 30 existing NCBA sections that you can also join. Click here to learn more.