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Mock Trial Event Draws 750 Students

Mock Trial Event Draws 750 Students

Foundation funding generates smiling faces from grateful students at annual Middle School Mock Trial.

Regional competition in the 7th Annual Justice Iredell Middle School Mock Trial Tournament was conducted on Friday, Nov. 17, at 12 locations across the state. Fifty teams, 750 students, 54 teachers and more than 100 legal professionals participated in the North Carolina Bar Foundation’s Law-Related Education event, which is funded by the NCBF Endowment.

Utilizing a uniform scoring system throughout North Carolina, winners have been declared for each of the state’s eight educational districts. Those champions and their districts are:

  • District 1 – Elizabeth City Middle School of Elizabeth City
  • District 2 – Wayne School of Engineering of Goldsboro
  • District 3 – Carnage Magnet Middle School of Raleigh
  • District 4 – Parkton Elementary of Parkton
  • District 5 – Hanes Magnet of Winston-Salem
  • District 6 – Ridge Road Middle School of Charlotte
  • District 7 – Mabel School of Zionville
  • District 8 – Cane Creek Middle School of Fletcher

Two wildcard teams will be attending; Dunn Middle School of Dunn and Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School of Charlotte placed next highest among the winners and will compete at the state finals, which will be held on Dec. 16 at the Durham County Courthouse.

The Justice Iredell Middle School Mock Trial Tournament is an educational team program where middle school students have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures. Students representing attorneys and witnesses for both sides of a fictional case role play that case being tried in court.

A team led by a teacher is ideally composed of between six and 16 students, but can have more students on each team as alternates. The students are guided in their case through support of their teacher and attorney coaches. The program teaches the legal process and trial procedure. Hundreds of students participate each year.

Objectives of the tournament are to:

  • Teach students ethics, civility and professionalism;
  • Further students’ understanding of the law, court procedures and the legal system;
  • Improve proficiency in basic life skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning;
  • Promote better communication and cooperation among the school community, teachers and students and members of the legal profession; and
  • Heighten appreciation for academic studies and stimulate interest in law-related careers.

Special thanks are extended to all of the legal professionals and personnel who helped facilitate the regional competition at:

  • Campbell Law School
  • Chatham Justice Center
  • Thomasville Courthouse
  • Durham County Courthouse
  • Henderson County Courthouse
  • Mecklenburg County Bar
  • Old Civil Courthouse in Charlotte
  • Robeson County Courthouse
  • Rockingham County Courthouse
  • Watauga County Courthouse
  • Wilkes County Courthouse
  • Old Federal Building in Wilkesboro