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NCBA Releases JPE Report

NCBA Releases JPE Report

The North Carolina Bar Association is pleased to announce the completion of the Judicial Performance Evaluation (JPE) survey report for the 2018 election. The results of the survey are available online at ElectNCJudges.org.

The survey was conducted by the JPE Committee of the North Carolina Bar Association and funded by the North Carolina Bar Foundation. Superior and District Court judicial candidates were evaluated in addition to sitting special Superior Court judges.

A total of 3,450 North Carolina attorneys completed the 2018 JPE, in which they assessed the qualifications of judges and judicial candidates about whom they had sufficient professional contact. The opinions expressed reflect those attorneys who chose to respond and do not reflect the opinion of the NCBA or the opinion of all North Carolina attorneys.

The NCBA has provided voters in this state with the opportunity to review evaluations of sitting judges and non-incumbent candidates since 2012. This year’s report, however, differs significantly from previous reports, as denoted in the methodology statement that accompanies the report. These changes were implemented to enhance the fairness, security and confidentiality of the survey.

The NCBA and its JPE Committee are indebted to Professor D. S. Hillygus, director of the Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology, for her contributions to this process.

For more information, please contact jpe@ncbar.org.