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Beware Calls For IOLTA Audit From Third Party

Beware Calls For IOLTA Audit From Third Party

The N.C. State Bar has issued the following alert:

The North Carolina State Bar has learned that a caller representing an entity named “Small Business Growth Alliance” is calling lawyers and telling them that their IOLTA accounts are due for audit. The caller falsely claims that Small Business Growth Alliance is authorized by the State Bar to perform random audits and tries to schedule the audits. 

Neither Small Business Growth Alliance nor any entity other than the State Bar is authorized to perform a State Bar random trust account audit. Auditors who are employees of the State Bar perform all random trust account audits. If you are selected for a random State Bar audit, you will be contacted by a State Bar official and will receive a written subpoena signed by State Bar officials. 

If you receive a call from anyone other than an employee of the State Bar seeking to arrange a State Bar random trust account audit, please report the call to the State Bar immediately at (919) 828-4620 and, if possible, provide the caller’s contact information.