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Stay Secure; Stay Connected

Stay Secure; Stay Connected

In an effort to protect the sensitive information of our members and visitors to our website, www.ncbar.org, we are making some security upgrades. For the vast majority of users, there should be a minimal change, the most obvious being that we have HTTPS communication now in our URL line, the “S” standing for “secure.”

Older website browsers, however, will not communicate with our website, so it will be important to make sure any website visitor is using an updated version of the most common website browsers. An exhaustive list includes:

  • Google: version 22 and above (released 09-25-2012)
  • Firefox: version 27 and above (released 09-27-2013)
  • Internet Explorer: version 11 and above (released 11-07-2013)
  • Safari: version 7 and above (released 10-22-2013)

The changes will take place on April 14. If you have any problem with website access, please contact the NCBA’s Center for Practice Management.