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Litigation Section Honors Bill Womble Jr.

Litigation Section Honors Bill Womble Jr.

Bill Womble Jr., right, accepts award from Cooper Harrell.

Bill Womble Jr. of Winston-Salem was honored Friday, April 22, as the ninth recipient of The Advocate’s Award. Presented as merited by the Litigation Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, the award recognizes “superstars” of the section and the legal profession

Cooper Harrell, section chair, presented the award in Greensboro in conjunction with the section’s annual meeting and CLE.

Womble is a partner at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice. He is a 1964 graduate of Duke University and a 1967 graduate of the Duke University School of Law.

In his brief acceptance remarks, Womble praised members of the bar in this state for their professionalism and collegiality. He also paid tribute to the judges and courthouse personnel who contribute mightily to the administration of justice in North Carolina.

“They are overworked, underpaid diligent servants and unique people who serve the system of justice across the state of North Carolina,” Womble said.

“This is a unique state,” he added. “We have a unique system of justice because of the people, and it means a lot, I know, to all of you, and this award means more to me than I could possible say.”

Womble has served as a vice president on the NCBA Board of Governors and has been heavily involved in the organization’s sections and committees. He currently chairs the Judicial Independence Committee and is also a past president of the N.C. Association of Defense Attorneys.

“Bill Womble Jr. has a heart of gold,” stated nominator James W. Williams. “He never makes an effort to create a perception of greatness. He does not seek recognition. Rather, he reflects attention to those around him.

“Bill truly enjoys the practice of law which is witnessed by his pleasant and cheerful demeanor. Bill Womble Jr. is indeed a ‘superstar’ of the Litigation Section.”

Richard Boyette, John Willardson and Alan Duncan supported the nomination.

“I initially worked with Bill when he served as president of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys,” Boyette wrote, “and later when he served in a regional leadership position with DRI. Bill’s quiet and effective leadership qualities left a lasting impression upon me as a young lawyer.”

“Bill possesses the highest ethical standards, is renowned as a litigator and is always gracious, diligent, thorough and professional,” stated Willardson.

“Bill is universally respected by both the judiciary and by his peers,” he added. “Bill has been an outstanding leader of the bar of this state and is dedicated to his family, to his profession and to his community.”

“First and foremost, he is an excellent lawyer, with a keen substantive knowledge of the law,” Duncan wrote. “Because of his honesty and integrity, Bill is held in the highest regard by both the bench and the bar.

“Bill is a tireless advocate for his clients. He has become a real senior leader in the bar because of his outstanding professionalism, mentoring of younger lawyers, and commitment to the advancement of the interests of the bar. Bill’s leadership has fostered a real betterment of relationships among lawyers, and has constituted a true service to the bar.”

Previous recipients of The Advocate’s Award are (2006) Charles L. Becton, (2007) J. Donald Cowan Jr., (2009) H. Grady Barnhill Jr., (2010) James T. Williams Jr., (2011) Alan W. Duncan, (2012) Charlie Blanchard, (2013) A. Ward McKeithen) and (2015) James E. Ferguson II.