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What is an LRE Partner?

A member of the legal, teaching or business community committed to fostering cooperation and interaction between the professions to enhance the educational experience of North Carolina’s schoolchildren and citizenry by increasing their civic knowledge and participation.

This commitment may be evidenced by service on the NCBA LRE Advisory Committee, contacting LRE to request one of its speakers, programs or resources, serving as a classroom speaker, or just being interested in promoting the access LRE provides educators to law-related education.

Who should become an LRE Partner?

All N.C. Bar Association members who volunteer to serve on the Law-Related Education Advisory Committee automatically become LRE Legal Professional Partners, and educators who serve on the committee as Affiliate members automatically become LRE Education Partners.

Teachers and Community Connections requesting LRE speakers, programs or resources will be asked to complete the one-time online registration and become an LRE Education or Community Partner.

Additionally, lawyers and other legal professionals who serve as classroom speakers (including those who do not serve on the LRE Advisory Committee) will become registered LRE Partners.

What do I get as an LRE Partner?

Upon processing of your registration information, you will have been added to the partnership database, evidencing your commitment to furthering the law-related and civic education of North Carolina’s schoolchildren. As an LRE Partner, you will receive advance notice of LRE programs and special events.

Important Note: LRE Partner information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with any other person, group or organization. Also, for the protection of the educators and children we serve, the North Carolina Bar Association and its Law-Related Education Advisory Committee expressly reserve the right to refuse registration as an LRE Partner to any applicant.