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LRE Speaker Requests

LRE Speaker Requests connects educator and community partners with lawyers and other legal professionals who can bring law-related topics to life in the classroom or at their place of business.

When an online request is submitted by the educator or community partner – as a career day speaker, a moot court team coach, a presenter on a specific area of the law, etc. – LRE volunteers respond.

Working from a list of volunteer lawyers who are registered as LRE Legal Partners, the coordinator identifies an appropriate legal professional to respond to the requestor and puts the two in touch with one another, typically by email or telephone, to finalize the details.

Following the classroom or business visit, LRE then follows up with the requestor to learn how the attorney’s presentation went and what suggestions they might make to assist other legal professionals who might visit in the future.

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Important Note: LRE people help educators teach law-related subjects – they do not provide legal advice to teachers, schools, students, parents or organizations in the context of their LRE volunteer service. If you would like a referral to an attorney, please contact the NCBA Lawyer Referral Service.