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Community Partners

North Carolina Bar Association Foundation's Law-Related Education is growing and strengthening its role as an outreach educator in order to foster understanding of the importance of legal institutions and the rule of law. By building bridges between legal professionals, businesses, and citizens, LRE Community Connections will reinforce North Carolina’s justice system and democratic system of government, which are essential for future generations.

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Education Partners

The North Carolina Law-Related Education (LRE) Advisory Committee of the NC Bar Association supports teachers in a variety of ways. The LREAC develops and makes presentations at teacher trainings, such as the Justice Teaching Institute and Mock Trial Training. In addition, LRE will pair attorneys with a teacher for classroom presentations and job shadowing as well as school career days. Our Lawyers 4 Literacy program pairs small groups of struggling elementary readers with legal professionals who read with them for understanding. LRE has a variety of competitions for every grade level.

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Legal Professional Partners

The North Carolina Law-Related Education Advisory Committee of the North Carolina Bar Association is dedicated to serving the public by strengthening and building a fairer, freer, more open society. LRE is not only promoting the understanding and respect for the rule of law through interactive law-related and civic education programs for students, teachers and the citizenry of North Carolina, it is helping build in our children and citizens the skills needed for the 21st century.

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