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  • Big Bad Wolf DVD

    Video Project developed and produced by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation Law-Related Education Advisory Committee to provide civic education in an entertaining and engaging format, and peer-to-peer learning opportunity all on a two-disc set that includes the trial recording, teacher resources and a feature disc highlighting the attorney-student dynamic in the classroom.

    The purchase price is $10.00 (tax/shipping included) for the 2-disc set that includes a DVD and a teacher resource CD.

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  • North Carolina Constitution Explained

    The North Carolina Constitution Explained is designed to help the citizens of North Carolina learn more about their Constitution, which creates the structure of government in North Carolina and defines the basic relationship between the people and their government. This guide contains both the original text of the Constitution and an explanation of the text, including examples and judicial interpretations.

    2012 Winner of National Association of Bar Executives' Luminary Award for Excellence in Special Publications. 

    Revised May 14, 2012. 

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2016 Middle School Mock Trial Case

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2016 Mock Trial Revised Tournament Rules

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2017 Mock Trial Case

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A Day With A Lawyer Coloring Book

Written and published by the Citizenship Education Committee of the Young Lawyers Division of the North Carolina Bar Association.

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African-American Soldiers after WWI

This lesson plan focuses on the racial inequalities in the United States armed forces during and after World World I. 

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All the President's Men - A Study Guide

This study guide assists with the viewing of the film All the President's Men starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, based on the Watergate burglary and ultimate impeachment of President Nixon.

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An Outline for Persuasive Writing

An Outline for 7th Grade Persuasive Writing

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And Justice For All

This publication from the American Bar Association discusses modern concerns in the American justice system and recommends several ways to restore the public's trust and confidence including removing bias, barriers and politics from the justice system.

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Being an American

This study guide assists teachers in planning a lesson or essay contest on what it means to be American. 

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Big Bad Wolf Trial

Based on the children's book, "The Real Story of the 3 Little Pigs," this mock trial states the Wolf's version of what happened with the 3 little pigs. The Wolf is on trial for "murder" of the pigs residing in the straw and stick houses. Time: 2 class periods.


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Cherokee Trail of Tears

This lesson will focus on the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians from their native land. Students will use resources to conduct a mini-mock trial in which the Cherokee Indian Nations is the plaintiff and the United States government is the defendant.

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Life & Laws 101

Now that you are 18 (or fast approaching that magical age), there are numerous citizenship rights and responsibilities that accompany adulthood. This guidebook provides you with a brief summary of some of these new rights and responsibilities under state and federal law and some practical tips and information that may be beneficial.

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The Art in Peacemaking

This publication offers a guide to integrating conflict resolution education into youth arts programs.

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