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  • C.T., from Charlotte, NC, is seeking contract drafting and general business advice in connection with a virtual benefits management company that she began 9 years ago which provides benefits, resources, and services to small business owners, and/or self-employed and contract professionals. Included in her business, she would like to offer a program, that would include resources that they need such as referrals for portfolio management, legal service, debt payoff strategy services, insurance and employee benefits and other services her clients will need to meet their stated goal. C.T. is currently a regional wholesaler for a life insurance company and has agents assigned to her whom she assists in starting own life insurance businesses as life insurance agents. She wants to expand this relationship to other types of insurance.

  • D.C., from Concord, NC, is seeking general legal assistance in starting up a Process Serving business.  She would like help in understanding specific aspects of the process serving business such as what affidavits she needs to complete, how to file documents with the court, and what all requirements should be met in order to become a process server in North Carolina.  She would also like to know if she should create a LLC for her Process Serving Business.

  • J.B. of Raleigh, North Carolina is seeking assistance in setting up payroll accounts for employees she just recently hired, forming an LLC and making sure she is following all relevant IRS requirements for her residential and commercial property cleaning service.  Her cleaning business has been in operation since 2014, and she has recently expanded the business to include contracts with four different commercial operations.  She was referred to NC LEAP through Wake Technical Community College while taking a course on the basics of operating a small business.  She is also planning to meet with a mentor to learn more about E-Books.