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Please email your intention to assist one of the following requests via email to

Identify the opportunity you are assisting by including the opportunity name and location in the Subject Line (i.e. T.C. from Anytown, NC)


  • A.K., from Asheville, NC, is seeking a patent attorney for assistance in connection with two prototypes he has developed to assist in regaining motor functions following a stroke.  He has organized his business as a sole proprietorship and has prepared a fairly comprehensive business plan that includes a description of products and services offered by competitors.  Before he proceeds with his plan, however, he would like to ensure that his prototypes are non-infringing.  He would like assistance conducting a patent clearance search, reviewing agreements with independent contractors to ensure that IP rights are properly assigned, and in preparing informed consent/participation agreements for participants in small trials he would like to conduct with stroke survivors.

  • M.L., from Matthews, NC, is seeking assistance in applying for a patent application for two (2) software programs.  According to his interview, M.L. has committed his time and money to this venture, but the filing of a patent application is currently cost prohibitive.  He has assembled a team of “employees”, has engaged mentors, and taken advantage of all of the other resources recommended to him by NC LEAP.  His interviewer states that he believes he would be a good candidate for assistance.

  • L. D., from Carrboro, NC , is seeking assistance in applying for a utility patent in connection with a device to assist low mobility individuals with climbing stairs.  Intake Interviewer states that L.D. is well researched and has worked with others to prepare detailed figures and has drafted descriptions associated with the drawings.  Interviewer highly recommends that this application be approved for assistance.

  • J.D., from Jacksonville, NC, is seeking assistance in applying for utility patent in connection with her design of a multi-purposehanger designed to keep clothing from falling onto the floor as well as save space in your closet.  Interviewer comments that Julia has done a lot of research and it appears her idea is indeed novel.