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BarCARES -- 1-800-640-0735

BarCARES is a confidential, short-term intervention program provided cost-free to members of local bar groups and students, faculty and staff of law schools which have "opted in." The program is there to help you (and your immediate family members) by providing confidential assistance and brief, solution-oriented counseling.

BarCARES is designed to offer no-cost assistance in dealing with problems that might be causing distress and can be used to help with:

  • Personal Issues: crisis intervention, depression/anxiety, substance abuse (drug or alcohol) and financial concerns
  • Family Issues: marriage/relationships, children/adolescents, parenting/family conflict
  • Work Issues: professional stressors, case-related stress and conflict resolution
  • Student coaching on stress/time management, etc.

The BarCARES program is made possible by BarCARES of NC, Inc., the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Foundation Endowment, Lawyers Insurance Agency, as well as the local bar groups and law schools that "opt into" the program.

BarCARES, which stands for Confidential Attorney Resource and Enrichment Services, began as an idea of the NC Bar Association's Quality of Life Committee in the early 1990's following an NCBA-sponsored survey that showed many stress factors for attorneys (and their families).

Effective July 2013: The NC Bar Association BarCARES Program offers a one-time, three-session assessment/referral to any NCBA member who resides in a non-covered BarCARES area and has never utilized BarCARES services previously … regardless of whether or not they are currently covered by health insurance. [The NCBA Program does not include immediate family members.] Eligible NCBA members should call 1-800-640-0735 (HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, PA) to schedule their three free sessions.

BarCARES (endorsed by the North Carolina Bar Association) differs from the NC State Bar Lawyer Assistance Program (http://www.nclap.org/).