Member Focus

Law Student Representative: Brooke McCormick

Brooke McCormick became involved with the NCBA because she moved to North Carolina from Illinois and wanted to become involved in her community. Brooke saw all the opportunities that the NCBA gave law students to connect with local attorneys and knew that she wanted to be a part of it. Brooke began attending events and meeting legal professionals, and the NCBA gave her the opportunity to find her place in the local legal community. Since finding that place, Brooke has become an NCBA Law Student Representative at Elon University School of Law. Brooke is interested in practicing Corporate or Tax Law and chose law school because of her passion for reading and researching while helping others. Brooke didn’t quite know how these passions would fit together in her life until she considered pursuing law school. After completing her 1L year and seeing the impact that a lawyer can have on their community, she is even more excited to put her passions into action after graduation.

Find your balance between law school and the rest of life. It’s a hard balance to find, as we all want to do well in school; however, remembering to take time for yourself and to do things that you want to do is so important in taking care of yourself physically and mentally while going through law school.

Students attending ABA-accredited law schools or provisionally accredited law schools are eligible for complimentary membership in the NCBA Law Student Division. Interested in becoming a member of the Division? Learn more about this free membership.