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September Expert Series CLE:

  • I'm Sorry, Dave, But I Can't Let You Do That: Self-Driving Cars and the Law

    After years of waiting, self-driving cars are here. Can the law keep up? The stakes are high: Trucking is the largest private-sector employer in several states. Municipalities rely on traffic revenue to keep the lights on. Multiple people have already been injured or killed. What will self-driving cars mean for this and the law? Where does liability reside? Do cars have black boxes? Who owns that data? Other IP? How secure are vehicles from hackers? What do the feds say about this? The states?

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August Expert Series CLE:

  • Regulating Airbnb and Related Short-Term Rentals in Community and Condominium Associations

    Airbnb has exploded in popularity nationwide. By using Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other similar app-based platforms, it’s now easier for people to find and rent properties. With this comes unique issues involving enforcement of covenants and regulation of this new form of emerging short-term rental. This CLE provides a brief overview of North Carolina law and covers the regulation of short-term rentals and enforcement of rental restrictions in homeowners associations.

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July Expert Series CLE:

  • The Special Cases of Special Counsel: Special Prosecutions and American History

    Today’s news is full of references to the Special Counsel and the investigations and prosecutions that have been generated by his office. This CLE features a discussion between a former United States Attorney and an award-winning journalist about the history of special prosecutions in the federal courts, the law governing the work of special prosecutors, and how a special prosecutor manages the extraordinary cases that have impacts far beyond the court system.

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