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May 2024 Issue

NC Lawyer Magazine

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of North Carolina Lawyer Magazine, the flagship publication of the North Carolina Bar Association. Featured photo: the skyline of downtown Charlotte, the location for the 2024 Annual Meeting. Photo courtesy of
President's Perspective

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Featured Coverage

“I can’t thank the North Carolina Bar Association enough for safeguarding and assisting our profession in this state. The NCBA truly is the sturdy foundation of our state’s legal system. – Dean Mark Martin”

Mark Martin Embracing Challenge As High Point Law’s Founding Dean By Russell Rawlings

“Since July of last year, Arista (Ari) Sibrey and Megan Reilly-Dreas have teamed up to provide members and the public access to one special NCBarBlog post series titled ‘A Letter to My Younger Self.’”

Two Amazing Mentors, One Dynamic Duo By Jessica Junqueira

“In two short years, the Open Door Fellowship program of the North Carolina Bar Foundation has developed into a highly competitive and highly sought after opportunity for students completing their first year of law school in North Carolina.”

2024 Open Door Fellows: Darius Alexander And April Franklin By Russell Rawlings

“Today, Charles Becton, Rosemary Kenyon, and the late Honorable J. Herbert Small will be included among the 125 attorneys who are recognized with a North Carolina Bar Foundation Endowment Justice Fund. – NCBA+NCBF President Patti Ramseur”

Dedication Ceremony Unveils Three New NCBF Justice Funds By Russell Rawlings

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