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Minorities in the Profession

Welcome to the Minorities in the Profession Committee

The Minorities in the Profession Committee (MIP) is committed to fostering access to the legal profession for students, law students and legal professionals through its programming and activities. Over the years, programs such as the 1L Summer Associate Program, ¡Adelante! Moving Forward, the Corporate Counsel Section Panel, and the Diversity Conference (formerly Law School Admissions Conference) have provided opportunities and support for minorities interested in the practice of law.

1L Summer Associate Program

The 1L Summer Associate Program (SAP) is a signature program of the NCBA's Minorities in the Profession Committee. For more than 20 years, some of the brightest and most talented minority law students have been placed with law firms and corporate legal departments for summer work experiences. Only first-year students at all seven of North Carolina’s law schools are eligible to participate. Law school career services offices are responsible for selecting three qualified candidates to participate in the interview process.

¡Adelante! Moving Forward

¡Adelante! Moving Forward is an annual program designed to teach law students the skills necessary to transition successfully from law school into the work force as well-rounded attorneys. The program originated as a collaborative effort between the Minorities in the Profession Committee and the Latino Affairs Committee, which is now a part of the MIP.

Corporate Counsel Section Panel

MIP partners with the Corporate Counsel Section on a panel discussion that is part of the section’s annual CLE program. A panel of corporate law departments and law firm leaders discuss the business case for diversity, highlight how diversity and inclusion can be used as a strategy to corporate profitability and success, and discuss measuring and communicating the impact of diversity best practices on bottom line results.

Diversity Conference (formerly Law School Admissions Conference)

The Diversity Conference is an annual program designed to increase diversity in the pipeline to law school. It is geared toward professionals who provide guidance to students in making decisions about career choices (middle/high school guidance counselors, college advisors, career counselors, etc.), and provides those professionals with the tools necessary to best assist and support students who are considering attending law school. 

Diversity Task Force Recommendations

The Minorities in the Profession Committee is committed to implementation of the Diversity Task Force Recommendations, which were adopted by the NCBA Board of Governors in October 2010. The recommendations grew out of the Joint Diversity Task Force Report, which was a component of the NCBA strategic plan Momentum 2010.