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Serving the Public

Public service is woven into the fabric of the North Carolina Bar Association and its Foundation. Our members are committed to serving the citizens of our state through projects and service initiatives like NC LEAP and our annual 4ALL Statewide Service Day. Legal assistance is facilitated daily through the Lawyer Referral Service. The North Carolina Bar Foundation coordinates volunteer opportunities to serve students and teachers in the classroom through civic-ed programs. In addition, the NCBA publishes several helpful resources with the public in mind – like This is the Law. These programs and many more underscore the NCBA’s commitment to its mission statement, which begins with these four words: To serve the public...

  • Lawyer Referral Service (Public)

    Connect with a North Carolina attorney anywhere in the state;initial consultation is provided for a nominal fee.

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  • Lawyer Referral Service (Lawyers)

    The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) makes more than 60,000 referrals to our members each year. Callers are referred to lawyers in their region.

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The Value of Public Service

At the NCBA, public service is a core value. Consider the Judicial Performance Evaluation surveys, conducted every two years in conjunction with the election cycle for North Carolina’s District Court and Superior Court judges. The end result of this effort, ElectNCJudges.org, provides valuable information to North Carolina voters – information that is not made available to the public in any other state. Best of all, this is but one of numerous projects and programs through which NCBA members proudly serve the citizens of North Carolina.