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Board of Governors


Kimberly H. Stogner

President Elect
Morgan, a Black man with a shaved head, wears a white shirt, red tie, and black suit. He is smiling.

Clayton D. Morgan

Immediate Past President
Jason M. Hensley

Jason M. Hensley

Executive Director

Vice Presidents

Chief Judge Martin Reidinger

Judge Phyllis Gorham

Judge Carrie Vickery

Dean Zachary Kramer

joe webster

Judge Joe Webster

Richard M. Thigpen

Christopher Browning Jr

Christopher G. Browning Jr.

Division Chairs

Jonathan Bogues

Jonathan M. Bogues

Young Lawyers Division

Judge Robert C. Hunter

Senior Lawyers Division
Lakisha Chichester

Lakisha Chichester

Paralegal Division

Board Members

Alison Ashe-Card

Alison Ashe-Card

Clara Cottrell

Clara Cottrell

brooks jaffa

Brooks F. Jaffa

S. Camille Payton

S. Camille Payton

Scott A. Schaaf

Scott A. Schaaf

Rebecca Smitherman

Rebecca L. Smitherman

patrick b. weede

Patrick B. Weede

Benjamin W. Baldwin

Heidi Bloom

Larissa Mañón Mervin

Sidney O. Minter

Will Oden

Ashley Rusher

Monica Webb-Shackleford

Kate Deiter-Maradei

Jennifer Gibert Mencarini

Jeremy D. Locklear

Tammy Nicholson

Jane Paksoy

Courtney B. Thomas

Shannon L. Vandiver

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