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Real Property

Welcome to the Real Property Section Page

The Real Property Section deals with numerous issues affecting real property practice in North Carolina. As one of the NCBA’s largest sections, it is actively engaged in legislation, publishing and other matters involving real property law.

About the Real Property Section

The Real Property Section drafts, monitors and comments upon state and federal proposed legislation and regulations affecting real property practice; monitors and comments upon State Bar ethics inquiries; sponsors and participates in pro bono projects; provides variety of CLE programs; conducts aggressive consumer protection/authorized practice program; hosts active electronic discussion list; periodically updates and republishes forms book; and oversees NCBA copyrighted real property forms.

  • The Property Line Newsletter

    Section members receive Real Property newsletter, which recently featured the following article:

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  • NC Closing Attorney Best Practices Task Force

    The task force works to meet the needs of closing attorneys across the state with compliance to best practices.

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  • NC/SC Boundary Re-Certification Memo

    Do you sometimes represent clients along the North Carolina / South Carolina Boundary?  If so, you and they will certainly need to know if the recent re-survey and certification of the boundary, S.L. 2016-23, affects them – voting, licensing, schools, taxes, estates and inheritance, title to real estate (and the effects on timing and costs of future closings), schools and other matters!  

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