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How Law Firms Can Take Advantage of Microsoft 365

This guest post is written by Hannah Rose at Dynamic Quest, one of the CPM Connect partners.

Law firms are seeking out tools that help streamline and improve productivity. With innovation in cloud services and software development, specialized applications can help your law firm grow and succeed in the long-term. Incorporating cloud computing into your organization’s technology stack will not only optimize your day-to-day operations but will also improve your firm’s interactions with your clients.

One productivity tool the legal industry is incorporating more is Microsoft Office 365. In this article we will walk you through how law firms are taking advantage of Microsoft Office 365.

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a software as a service program that is accessible to both businesses and home use from your workstation, tablet, or smartphone. This software suite offers you a variety of applications that benefit the staff in your law office, and with automatic updates your systems are always offering best in line solutions.

This cloud solution is made up of five core solutions: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook. Going beyond these applications, your law firm will benefit from the large list of downloadable applications on an as-needed basis.

Understand Comprehensive List of Tools Available with Microsoft 365

With a wide variety of tools available through Microsoft 365, it is beneficial to understand how each tool could potentially support your firm. Below we will break down the list of tools available:


  • Enables you to create, design and collaborate with your team on documents.


  • Allows you to create notes, grab screen clippings, drawings, and add audio files in a collaborative environment.


  • Email platform that includes additional capabilities such as task management, notes, and a journal.


  • Online communication tool that allows your team to collaborate via video calls, digital meetings, chat message and file share.


  • Presentation building tool that can incorporate images, text, animation and video.


  • Spreadsheet software that allows you to perform calculations, graphing, pivot tables and macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.


  • Easily store individual and shared files in Microsoft OneDrive. You will be able to seamlessly collaborate and access files with ease anywhere and anytime.


  • Application that enables you to customize appointments, specify service providers to help streamline your booking experience. It helps reduce time spent scheduling.


  • Forms allows you the ability to create surveys and quizzes within your Microsoft account.


  • Allows you to analyze your work patterns and discover ways to work smarter through improved wellbeing, network, and collaboration.

Power Bi

  • A suite of tools that provide business analytics and organization data.


  • Project management software that allows your team to stay on track and easily plan your projects with scheduling based on effort needed and project duration.


  • Database management system that helps software developers create applications and templates for their business.


  • Videos can be uploaded and shared throughout the entire organization.


  • Web-based collaboration service that provides document management and storage solutions.


  • Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and flowchart visualizing software.


  • Freeform digital canvas that allows your people, ideas and content to come together in a collaborative environment.

Benefits Your Law Firm Can Expect from Using Microsoft Office 365


Document Storage

Your firm requires safe and efficient document storage and management. From emails, contracts, Word documents, Excel workbooks and more, your Microsoft Office 365 account can safely secure your documents within the application. Your firm will also gain collaboration tools that make it so your team can edit, track, and modify files safely from anywhere and anytime.

Microsoft Office 365 document storage tools include: SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Outlook, and Power Bi.

Efficient Workflow

Your team is constantly working to provide exceptional service to your clients. This means schedules change and colleagues have different roles and responsibilities, so you need your projects to be accessible to each member when its most convenient. Microsoft Office 365 tools allow seamless collaboration on projects, tasks and legal matters.

Access and Collaborate Anytime and Anywhere

Lawyers are working inside the office as well as on location. Having access to updated files on the go is critical for both you and your client’s success. Microsoft Office 365 makes it so your legal team has all the necessary resources when and where they need them.

Improved Client Relationship Management

Your customer relationship management system is an integral part of your long-term growth strategy. Your firm benefits from services such as SharePoint and Dynamics. These applications helps your team store, manage and track client interactions. Your CRM can also help you improve client acquisitions within a law firm.

Increased Security

Law firms need to ensure they are in compliance and that all documents are properly stored and shared with team members and clients appropriately. Microsoft 365 is a technology solution that can reduce overhead, increase billable hours, and provide the ability to work anytime.

Microsoft 365 complies with several world-class industry standards such as: ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. The solution also has built-in capabilities including versioning control, permissions and records management that ensure all of your documents are properly stored and accessed.


With the wide variety of applications available within the Microsoft Office 365 suite, law firms benefit from a long list of solutions stemming from one investment. Regardless of your firm size, you will find Microsoft Office 365 has a solution fit for your day-to-day needs. Contact your local managed IT service provider today to learn more.