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New and Need to Know in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has recent updates and some features you need to know now if you want to make the best use of this extremely popular social network. How can lawyers and law students put their best foot forward, make real connections and make use of this platform? Read on!

Automatically Generated Captions for Videos

LinkedIn will now automatically generate captions for videos you upload to the platform. You can add or edit the captions before publishing the video. There is a 15-minute time limit for videos uploaded to LinkedIn.

To add a video to a post, click on the video icon in a new post. Click on the pencil icon on the video. When the “Select/Edit your video” screen pops up scroll down to see your options. You will be given an option to upload a thumbnail (a static image). You should do this to entice someone to click on the play button. Toggle on “Add auto captions” and “Review captions before viewers can see them”. Then click “Done” and then “Post”. You will be notified by email when the video is ready. You can then review the automated captions and edit them.

If you prefer you can upload an SRT file for your video transcript instead.  If you want to add stickers and text to your videos you will need to do so from the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Improved Analytics

LinkedIn has added better analytics so you can see more about how your posts perform. You must enable creator mode to see the new analytics.

Once creator mode is enabled you can see the new analytics by going to your profile page and at the top of the page click the arrow to the right of “Analytics & tools”.  You can see “at a glance” analytics for post impressions, followers, profile views, and search appearances. You can drill into each of these areas. For your post impressions you can get information going back 365 days and view impressions and engagements with content you have posted, as well as top performing posts. You can toggle over to Audience to see how many new followers you have, and information about them such as job titles, industries, location, and more. At the top right of your analytics page click “Export” to download a spreadsheet with all the results so you can further massage the data.

Scheduling Posts

You can now schedule multiple posts in LinkedIn to go live on a schedule. This is especially useful if you have devoted a block of time to posting on social media and want to set the content to go out on a schedule.

In LinkedIn go to “create a post” and then in the toolbar at the bottom of the pop-up window click the clock icon. You will have an option to “Schedule for later” and change the data and time. On this screen you can also click on “View all scheduled posts” if you need to make any changes.


There are more new features in LinkedIn for 2023. Don’t miss other features like creating a newsletter or publishing a company page.