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Popular Articles from the CPM ICYMI Newsletter (September 2023 – December 2023)

Every week subscribers receive the ICYMI enewsletter from the NCBA Center for Practice Management. The newsletter highlights tips, tools, trends, and techniques to help your law practice. The following are a few popular links from the past issues of the newsletter. How to Create a Fillable Form in Microsoft Word (9/8/2023) If you haven’t embraced document assembly tools but would like to…

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Gift Ideas for the Lawyer(s) in Your Life

Perhaps you missed shopping on Black Friday or CyberMonday, or you realized there is another person to buy for this holiday season. Maybe someone has been asking you what you want, but you just haven’t been able to think about it. At this time of year, a number of podcasts and websites compile lists of “gifts for lawyers”. Gift Ideas…

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Prioritize and Conquer: Time Management Techniques for Lawyers Using Business Software

** Time is your most valuable asset as a lawyer. Managing your time effectively is crucial for meeting billable hours, completing tasks efficiently, and providing quality legal services to your clients. Many lawyers have begun incorporating business software into their workflows, which can greatly improve time management if used strategically. Here some tips for lawyers to manage time better with…

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Enhance Your Privacy with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo made its debut as a search engine focused on privacy by reducing tracking cookies and pop-up ads. As our privacy is increasingly at risk, DuckDuckGo has rolled out several more products including a browser extension, a web browser, an app, and email aliases. To reduce your privacy erosion, check out some of the DuckDuckGo options. Search Engine DuckDuckGo started…

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Early Spring Cleaning for Your Technology

While we aren’t yet in meteorological spring, on the next chilly, rainy day while you are waiting for the last frost before you start your garden or outdoor activities, take some time do some technology “spring cleaning”. Whether optimizing your devices, adding some automation, or finally unsubscribing from all the unread emails, there are lots of things to do to…

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Redux: Is a Password Enough to Keep Your Sensitive Information Safe?

Are you using two factor/multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA)? You should be! Passwords alone are not enough anymore to thwart motivated hackers from accessing your accounts. MFA adds strength to your passwords by using something you know (your username/password) and something you have. However, as we get more sophisticated so do the bad guys. What are today’s best practices? For the uninitiated,…

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Protecting Portable Devices

All firm-owned portable computing and storage devices used for firm business should be secured with encryption. Malpractice and cyber liability insurance applications are increasingly asking for information about how firms are securing data, including device encryption. If your firm works with clients in the financial or health-care sectors they may request an audit, or evidence of security protocols and standard…

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Safety Dance: Securing Your Smartphone

Today’s smartphones are millions of times more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computers. While they still can’t take us to the moon, these small but mighty computers give us the world of work (and play) in our pockets. How can you apply protections to ensure that your device is properly secured against exposure of confidential client and personal information?…

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Good Backup Is Good Business Continuity

Securing and protecting your firm’s data are essential. Client files, important communications, and valuable work product often exist exclusively in digital format today, and thus a major data loss could have catastrophic professional and ethical ramifications. Whether you are creating a plan for business continuity that contemplates natural disasters, fabricated disasters, pandemics, or other things that go bump in the…

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10 Tech Tips for Bar Leaders

Whether you are a Bar Association leader, active in your bar association, or just like productivity tips for your computer and smartphone, peruse these tips from the recent Bar Leadership Institute 2022 held in Chicago by the ABA Division for Bar Services. When Should I Leave? If you use the Google Maps app you can plot your course, of course….