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Resources For Law Firm Business Continuity During A Pandemic

Prioritizing in a Pandemic for Law Firms (video)

In the midst of a pandemic where business continuity plans turn into action, here is what you need to do to prioritize.

Managing Internet Bandwidth at Home

Many lawyers are working from home now, and so are their kids, spouses and other family members. That means that most everyone is probably relying on the home Internet router to supply bandwidth. If you find that your internet is running slowly, there are some things you can do to reduce your usage and speed it up without impeding your ability to work.

Awareness, Response and Workplace Plans/Policies (Part 1)

As the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak with unprecedented closures, law firms need to stay current on the facts and take action on business continuity plans to prepare to move their teams to a remote work environment and continue to serve clients.

Law Firm Operations (Part 2)

As the COVID-19 virus prompts business to go remote, law firms already have many of the elements in place to be able to dispatch their teams to work from home. These are some considerations and guidance on temporarily moving your firm to a “virtual” environment.

Serving Clients (Part 3)

It is likely that you already communicate with clients in a variety of ways, many of which are not in person. Once you have your remote operations in place, here are suggestions for ways to communicate and work with your clients (including clients who may be technology averse).

Firm Financial Considerations (Part 4)

Law firms need to assess their financial situations, determine if they may need assistance by leveraging different loan opportunities through the CARES Act, and consider how to position themselves for the future.

Preparing For The Next Normal (Part 5)

Law firms have quickly adjusted to leveraging technology and finding new ways of doing business during the reduction in face-to-face interactions to try to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections. Firms are using new tools like virtual consultations, online depositions and mediation, electronic signatures, document collaboration, and more. As we move through the pandemic to the predicted recession, law firms can use these tools and many more to give clients options and provide flexibility to continue to provide legal services and rethink the firm’s business model.


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