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Women in the Profession Committee

The Women in the Profession (“WIP”) Committee of the North Carolina Bar Association was created in 1993 based upon a recommendation from the NCBA’s Commission on the Status of Women that a permanent committee be established to assist women in the profession and to work toward a gender-neutral legal society in North Carolina.

The WIP Committee serves as a resource for the NCBA by, among other things, identifying ways to encourage and maintain the active participation and advancement of women in the NCBA and the legal profession. This is achieved, in part, through educational programs, awareness initiatives and networking events that highlight the accomplishment of women in the profession, including paralegals.

The WIP Committee will:

  1. Provide peer support for women in the North Carolina Bar as well as paralegals by:
    1. Mentoring women entering the profession
    2. Highlighting successful women in the bar
    3. Hosting events which give women the opportunity to network and serve as a resource
    4. Encouraging active engagement with the North Carolina Bar Association
  2. Provide support to women who need legal assistance or are in need personally or professionally through community service and pro bono projects
  3. Work closely with NCBA communities and external groups, such as the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys, in order to expand efforts and reach more women


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