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YLD Quick Reference Guides

The NCBA Young Lawyers Division has created a suite of “how-to” guides, free to NCBA members, to walk new attorneys through basic procedures in various types of law and to serve as a tool for experienced attorneys to brush up on practical skills.

Please log in to your NCBA member account to view YLD Quick Reference Guides. Once you are logged in, you will see hyperlinks to access the guides below.

YLD Quick Reference Guides

Bankruptcy Basics for the Non-Bankruptcy Practitioner

A broad level overview of the key concepts that non-bankruptcy practitioners may need to know when they encounter a bankruptcy proceeding.

Best Practices from Soup to Nuts – from Intake to Closing the File

Tips for intake interviewing, trust accounting, billing, communication, closing files and more.

Claims of Lien Step-by-Step Guide

Addresses the processes and procedures for filing, enforcing, perfecting, and discharging a mechanic’s lien on real property and on contract funds in North Carolina.

Drafting Offer Letters & Employment Agreements in North Carolina

The basic options and legal principles when drafting employment offers and agreements under North Carolina law.

Fundamentals for 50B Representation

An introduction to some basic steps, practice tips, and law an attorney needs to represent a party in a 50B action.

How to Choose an Entity

Learn about commonly chosen entity types, tax classification and strategies.

How to Comply with WARN Act Requirements in North Carolina

The basic steps and requirements for an employer filing a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act Notice in North Carolina.

How to Draft an Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation Policy

The basic steps and guidelines to create a workplace policy for North Carolina employers that prohibits discrimination, harassment, retaliation and bullying.

How to Draft and Record a Deed

Learn how to draft, format and record a deed in the "race to record state" of North Carolina.

How to Draft Restrictive Covenants in North Carolina

The basic requirements for drafting restrictive covenants in North Carolina.

How to File a Civil Lawsuit

An explanation of the basic steps and practice tips in filing a civil lawsuit in North Carolina state court.

How to File Summary Ejectment

An explanation on summary ejectment - eviction of a Tenant by a Landlord.

How to Form an LLC

Learn the basics of forming a Limited Liability Company in North Carolina.

How to Hire an Employee in North Carolina

The basic steps and guidelines needed to hire an employee in North Carolina, including what must be disclosed in new hires, new hire reporting, North Carolina leave laws and protected traits, payroll tax information and mandatory workplace notices.

How to Probate a Will & Obtain Letters Testamentary

A reference for the very beginning of the estate administration process: obtaining letters testamentary (“Letters”) for a named personal representative and submitting the decedent’s will for probate.

How to Respond to FMLA Requests

Explains the basic steps for responding to a typical request for leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

How to Screen and Onboard a Candidate: Background Checks

An overview of background checks on candidates for hire in North Carolina.

How to Screen and Onboard a Candidate: Drug Testing

What employers need to know before requesting a prospective employee undergo drug testing.

New Practice Tips and North Carolina Resources

Best practices and resources for new attorneys.

What is the 90-96 Program?

A brief overview of the 90-96 program.