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Distinguished Service Award

The Business Law Section is pleased to solicit nominations for the Distinguished Service Award, to be conferred in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Business Law Section.

Establishment of Award, Purpose and Criteria: The Business Law Section Distinguished Service Award is established to recognize, and to encourage others to emulate, extraordinary service to the Section, the legal profession or the public, above and beyond the call of any official duties to the Section, in an endeavor or endeavors relating to the field of business law and the mission and activities of the Section. Such endeavors could include, for example, leadership in the creation, promotion or execution of particular projects, programs or initiatives of the Section; contributions to the jurisprudence of business law; advocacy for law reform in the field of business law; promotion of public understanding of business law; continuing education of lawyers in the field of business law; creation or expansion of opportunities for pro bono service by business lawyers; and other endeavors that reflect the professional ideal of service by lawyers to the profession and the public, beyond service to their clients. It is expected that the service to be so recognized will be extraordinary and distinguished, beyond the job well done or the duty fulfilled that is to be expected of good lawyers.

Additional Requirements: The recipient of the Award shall be a member of the Section and a person of good character who embodies the professional ideals of competence, service, integrity, independence and community.

Nominations Guidelines

Complete the form below to nominate an individual. Please upload documents to  describe the nominee’s practice and how the nominee meets the criteria of the award. Please feel free to also upload documents detailing the nominee’s practice and contributions, as well as letters of support related to the nominee’s law practice and public service from attorneys and lay persons who know the nominee well (extensive information in this area is encouraged).

Award | Business Law Section - Distinguished Service Award

Nominee Information

Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Contact Information for Person Submitting Nomination


Award Recipients

  • 2009 | James P. Beckwith, Jr.
  • 2010 | Kenneth M. Greene
  • 2010 | John R. Miller
  • 2011 | Alan R. Palmiter
  • 2012 | Mark Davidson
  • 2013 | J. Scott Dillon
  • 2014 | J. Norfleet Pruden III
  • 2015 | Warren P. Kean
  • 2016 | Benjamin W. Baldwin
  • 2017 | William B. Gwyn Jr.
  • 2019 | Doris R. Bray
  • 2023 | Stephen F. Later
  • 2023 | Stephen M. Lynch

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