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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My firm pays my dues. Do I still receive a Section and the CLE Expert Series in my membership?

Yes. All members receive the Section and CLE benefits, whether paid by the individual or a firm administrator.

Do I have to join a Section as part of my NCBA membership? Does it change my dues cost?

No. You do not have to join a Section, but your dues will not change, as one Section is now included in the overall benefits of NCBA membership.

How much will it cost to join an additional Section?

Beyond the included Section membership, each additional Section membership will cost $36.

On-Demand CLE Expert Series Questions

Will the On-Demand CLE Expert Series cover specific practice areas of law or be more wide-ranging?

Over the course of the year, the Expert Series includes 12-hours of complimentary CLE, including hours needed to meet the N.C. State Bar’s requirement for ethics/professional responsibility, professional well-being and technology training. The additional hours will be focused on a variety of topics such as advanced topics and those pulled from the headlines. Where appropriate and on occasion, a highly successful hour of a past CLE may be used.

Can I take all 12 hours of CLE included in the Expert Series at one time? What if I miss a month?

One hour of CLE is offered each month, so you cannot view all 12 hours at one time. However, you will have an opportunity to add the monthly CLEs to your learning portal each month you are a member, and once you add that CLE to your portal, you can watch it for up to 90 days.

What if I don’t need or use all my available CLE in the Expert Series? Do I still pay the same dues amount?

Your dues amount will not change based upon your usage of the Expert Series CLE, as it is an included benefit in your overall membership package.

I am a paralegal. Do I still get access to up to 12 hours of CLE in the Expert Series?

Yes. You have access to one hour of CLE per month just like all other member types. A certificate of completion will be available in your NCBA CLE Account upon completion of the On-Demand program.

Section/Paralegal Division Leadership Questions

Will Section leadership still be expected to plan full day CLEs?

Yes, per the Sections/Paralegal Division bylaws, some are required to plan a CLE. All Sections and the Paralegal Division of the NCBA are required to have an annual meeting.

If every member now receives a Section as part of overall NCBA membership, how will Section budgets now work?

Each Section and the Paralegal Division will now be allocated $15 per member in that Section/Paralegal Division, including all first and second year attorney members. Funds will not be allocated for unpaid memberships, such as student memberships, in the applicable Section or Paralegal Division.

What happens to a Section or the Paralegal Division’s carryover funds from year-to-year?

General carryover budgets will be discontinued after June 30, 2019. When combined with current year budget funds, sponsorship funds and other funding resources for a specific event or project (or directed funds) from the prior year will be utilized last, and any unspent excess will revert to the Association.

If a Section or the Paralegal Division needs additional funds for a specific project, how do they go about securing said funding if carryover is now eliminated?

Each Section and the Paralegal Division can submit a detailed project proposal to the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors to review their request for additional funds.

Can a Section still donate money to the North Carolina Bar Foundation?

Yes, any Section or the Paralegal Division will still be able to donate funds to the NCBF.