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Should I Move My Practice to the Cloud? (10/13/2021)

Designed for a non-technical audience, Daniel Cohn of Dynamic Quest presents the various options of being in the cloud and the pros and cons of each. He discusses real world considerations and provide examples using familiar legal software applications and cover related services that may be needed but are often overlooked.

Keeping Track of Tasks and Assignments with Project Management (9/15/2021)

In this webinar, we discuss the basics of project management and demonstrate how to set up a project in a tool you may already have - Microsoft Project, part of your MS 365 subscription. See how project management can help you and your team stay on top of multiple matters, whether you are in the office or working remotely.

Protect Your Law Firm from the Biggest Security Threats of 2021 (8/18/2021)

As the cloud has simplified many facets of tech, cybersecurity threats have become more complex, and lawyers lack the skills, knowledge, and time to protect themselves. So how can you secure your law firm so you can be at ease and stop relying on hope to protect you from getting hacked? In this session, tap into the expert knowledge that will advance the security measures of your law firm quickly.

How To Drive Referral Business to Your Practice (7/21/2021)

The more effective you are at keeping in touch, the more likely your former clients are to spread the word and make you their natural choice for new business. In this session, learn how you can leverage personal email and relationship-based Keep-in Touch tactics to break through the clutter.
Erin Gerstenzang

Designing a Bold New Practice with Automation (Automation Workshop)

Today’s inexpensive yet highly effective technology tools enable lawyers to build firms they love to run, where they can exceed client expectations and design their professional lives on their own terms.
Pegeen Turner

Automations to Zapier - Getting More from Clio (Automation Workshop)

While more and more firms are using Clio, many are not maximizing their usage and still only using small part of what Clio has to offer.
Heidi Alexander

Mac Mastery: Turbo Charge Your Mac Computing Power (Automation Workshop)

This program walks you through simple to more complex Mac automation. The presenter will cover trackpad gestures as well as hidden tricks to speed up your work with your Mac.
Barron Henley

Using Word’s Built-In Features to Create Fillable Forms and Templates (Automation Workshop)

Microsoft Word contains many features that allow you to create and automate forms. This functionality is free and built into Word.
Tom Martin

The Bots Are Coming - Don’t Be Afraid! (Automation Workshop)

Filled with practical tips and insider tricks, you do not want to miss this introduction to intelligent automation.
Catherine Sanders Reach

Intelligence and Automation in Microsoft 365 (Automation Workshop)

Microsoft 365 has some tried and true automations within tools you are familiar with like MS Outlook, as well as new functionality through Power Automate.

Don’t Just Search, Find! Advanced Techniques in Fastcase (5/12/2021)

Have you been getting all you can out of Fastcase? Erin Page, Senior Law Librarian and Reference Attorney at Fastcase, will show us some advanced search techniques.

Using Public and Private Records for Case Research (4/21/2021)

This program will provide an overview of the differences in records information from different sources, examples of the kinds of investigative data attorneys can obtain, and how to use it effectively.

Pro Bono for Professional Development (3/17/21)

If you need some practice interviewing clients and want to meet other lawyers without the pressure to "work the room", participating in NCBF pro bono events is a great opportunity.

Google Power Search for Lawyers (2/17/2021)

For fact finding and getting background information the Google search engine is a great resource. In this session we will explore how lawyers can (and should) be Google power searchers.

Proper Use of Digital Evidence (1/20/2021)

From determining sources, collecting, proper chain of custody, to preservation, processing, and reports/findings – knowing the basics of digital evidence to secure a solid outcome.

Maximize Your Use of Windows 10 (12/16/2020)

The Windows 10 operating system is incredibly powerful and has a lot of hidden features that can help with your productivity.

Setting Up a Password Manager (11/18/2020)

You have heard that your passwords should be long, strong and unique. In this session we will learn about password managers, a product that helps you and your firm comply with password best practices.

Grow Your Firm with Freelance Lawyers (10/21/2020)

Want to be more productive AND more profitable? Freelance lawyers to the rescue! We will explore the benefits of using freelance lawyers, key ethical concerns and how to successfully outsource.

Gather Information Easily with Jotform (9/16/2020)

JotForm is a tool that lets you collect information securely and easily from clients. In this session we will demonstrate some of the features and functions to see if it could be a useful product for your toolkit.

MS PowerPoint Tips (8/19/2020)

A picture IS worth a thousand words. Are you presenting to other lawyers, judges, clients, or juries? It is time to get a refresher on how to make a convincing and appealing slide deck to enhance your presentation.
Evernote screenshot

Knowledge Management with Feedly and Evernote (7/15/2020)

Whether you are trying to keep up with trends in your practice area, looking for a way to reduce all those email newsletters, or trying to make it easier to share information on your firm’s social page, the one-two punch of Feedly and Evernote can help.

Top Ten Tools to Help You Survive and Thrive in Remote Work Environment (6/17/2020)

In a world that has seen the effects of a pandemic, being able to practice law remotely isn’t just innovative – it’s necessary for survival. Learn what tools and tech can help from Lisa M. Angel of the Rosen Law Firm.

Electronic Discovery for Small Cases (5/20/2020)

What does the average lawyer need to know about eDiscovery today and how to select a solution that’s right for them? Learn more with Tom O’Connor, Director Gulf Coast Legal Tech Center.

Manage Tasks in Microsoft 365 (4/15/2020)

Microsoft Office 365 gives users ways to manage tasks, including Outlook, Planner, Teams, OneNote, Project, SharePoint and To-Do. We will walk through the options to see what will work best for your firm.

Effectively Leverage LinkedIn (3/18/2020)

In this session, we will cover best practices for your LinkedIn profile, tips and tricks to make LinkedIn easy to use and ways to enhance your status as a thought leader.

What You Can Do with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (2/19/2020)

Acrobat DC Pro comes packed with features and functions that every law firm should be leveraging. Learn tips and tricks that can take you from merely creating a PDF document to generating enhanced digital files.

Microsoft Word Styles Tutorial (1/15/2020)

In Microsoft Word, all formatting is controlled by Styles. Learn how to leverage Styles to create templates that make formatting easier, move large sections of text, automate tables of contents and more.

Are You Lawyering or Laboring? (12/18/2020)

In this session, learn how to cut out bad habits, reduce interruptions and automate workflows to yield more qualified leads, happier clients and better work/life balance.

Learn to Love Fastcase 7 (10/16/2019)

Lots to learn and more to love with the new enhancements of Fastcase 7! Find out how you can take advantage of AI-enhanced searching, saved searches and jurisdiction defaults and more.

Google My Business (9/18/2019)

Learn how to maximize Google My Business for your firm. From updating basic information to using posts and questions and answers, we’ll cover just about everything GMB has to offer for law firms.

Intro to Microsoft Teams (8/21/2019)

Microsoft Teams integrates chat, document sharing, whiteboards, on-demand video and audio calls and more. We will explore how a law firm can leverage Teams for matter management.

Encryption at Rest and in Transit (7/24/2019)

In this session, learn when to encrypt emails and their attachments and how to easily and securely send documents to clients without encryption.

Outlook Tips and Add-Ons (6/19/2019)

In this session, we look at native features and functions that will help manage email more effectively as well as add-ons that will super power Outlook for communication and collaboration.

Defensive Calendaring (5/15/2019)

Learn defensive calendaring techniques and tips to effectively coordinate meetings with multiple people, allow people to self-schedule and leverage artificial intelligence to help you get out of the business of negotiating availability.