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August 2021 Issue

NC Lawyer Magazine

Welcome to the August 2021 edition of North Carolina Lawyer magazine. This issue is devoted to coverage of the NCBA Annual Meeting, the N.C. Pro Bono Honor Society and much, much more.
President's Perspective

President Jon Heyl's Installation Address


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“As a member of this respected and admired organization for over three decades now, I am honored to be chosen as your president-elect, and alongside our incoming President, Jon Heyl, I will always strive to uphold the key tenets of the North Carolina Bar Association.”

Clayton Morgan Elected NCBA President-Elect By Russell Rawlings

“Their contributions, lives, careers, and stories have impacted not only the clients and communities they have served or still serve, but also the attorneys who have followed in their footsteps.”

2021 Legal Legends of Color Honorees: ‘The Impact of a Legend is Endless’ By Russell Rawlings

“The award is a reminder that lawyers and judges can make an impact beyond just our legal work. We are a profession that excels at exploring ideas and that makes us uniquely suited to help people solve problems, even if they aren’t legal problems.”

Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony By Russell Rawlings

“As a lawyer and citizen, I feel that it is important to provide pro bono legal service because we all have times when we need help. Ultimately, I went to law school to help people with difficult issues. Money should not be a barrier to receiving legal advice and support.”

North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society Shines Bright Light On NCBA+NCBF By Russell Rawlings

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