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February 2024 Issue

NC Lawyer Magazine

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of North Carolina Lawyer Magazine, the flagship publication of the North Carolina Bar Association. Featured photo: Kayla Britt addresses attendees at the annual Law Student Networking Reception on January 18. (Nour Dabbagh, Perfect Moments Photography)
President's Perspective

Civility: A Cornerstone to Diversity and Access to Justice

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Helping. Caring. Protecting.

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Featured Coverage

“As we remember Dr. King's legacy and we think about our present situation, and how we can move forward, I'm so glad that we don't have to move forward alone. I am so glad that God is with us. – Ted Edwards”

Attorney Ted Edwards Shares Message Of Hope During Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration By Russell Rawlings

“While I appreciate lawyers must make a living to be available to champion beliefs, the key is not hesitating when action needs to be taken – even when it means taking a cause pro bono. – Marvin Horton”

Marvin Horton Reflects On Life, Love, And Seven Decades Of Practicing Law By Russell Rawlings

“I think sometimes people think, oh, that's a volunteer organization, and they don't realize we are a legal agency that represents children, and our volunteers are child advocates who play an important role. – Michelle FormyDuval Lynch”

Michelle F. Lynch: Changing Children's Lives As A Guardian ad Litem Program Attorney By Jessica Junqueira

“We are human, and humans are dynamic. We're not just one way. We're multifaceted. And if you can tap into all the things that make you uniquely you, I think you'll be happier. – Nickeyea Wilkinson-Pickett”

Attorney, Artist And Leader Wilkinson-Pickett Lives A Multifaceted Life By Jessica Junqueira
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