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Bar Center Hosts First CLE Summit

Bar Center Hosts First CLE Summit

CLE chairs past, present and future, front from left: Mona O'Bryant, Roberta King Latham, LeAnn Nease Brown and Marisa Campbell. Back: Gray Styers, Tom Waldrep, Steve Epstein and Dan McLawhorm.

The first Continuing Legal Education Summit was held on Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the N.C. Bar Center. All but one of the CLE Committee chairs dating back to 1998 was in attendance along with NCBA President Shelby Benton, former CLE Director Ray Ruppert and Marisa Campbell who currently chairs the CLE Committee.

Numerous staff members also participated in the summit, led by Executive Director Allan Head and CLE Director Catherine Peglow.

“We were thrilled that so many knowledgeable Bar Association leaders joined us for the summit,” Peglow said. “The discussion was thoughtful and forward-looking.”

The purpose of the daylong meeting was to discuss several strategic issues affecting the CLE Department and the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation. An executive summary of the meeting will be presented to the Board of Governors for discussion at its October meeting in Blowing Rock.

Former CLE Committee chairs attending the event were Dan McLawhorn, LeAnn Nease Brown, Mona O’Bryant, Gray Styers, Tom Waldrep, Steve Epstein. Roberta King Latham, who currently serves as vice chair, also attended.