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Lawyer on the Line Surpasses Milestone

Lawyer on the Line Surpasses Milestone

10K is A-OK. 11K is even better.

Lawyer on the Line, a joint project of the North Carolina Bar Association and Legal Aid of North Carolina, recently surpassed the 10,000-client milestone. Better still, the pro bono project blew right past the milestone and has since surpassed the 11,000-client threshold.

“The Lawyer on the Line Program has been a tremendous success,” said Ann Anderson, who co-chairs the Lawyer on the Line Committee with Regan Rozier. “Since its creation in 2011, LOTL has served over 11,000 clients with attorneys volunteering, as of the end of October, 10,512 hours.

“These milestones show how dedicated our volunteers are to this pro bono program, but of course we need more attorneys. We currently have 722 attorneys committing to give one hour per month on these advice-only files, but are seeking about 250 more.”

Here’s how it works: Volunteer lawyers who sign on with the Lawyer on the Line Project provide legal advice by phone to Legal Aid-eligible clients. On average, lawyers spend less than an hour helping each client with brief advice and guidance.

To date, 11,318 clients have been served.

Volunteers are provided with an experienced Legal Aid mentor, training (if needed), and malpractice insurance for Lawyer on the Line cases and clients.

Your volunteer time is needed. Click here to learn more and sign up today!