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Dear Section members,

Earlier today you received an announcement for the section Annual Meeting. The message you received was in error. To the extent the announcement referenced special events on Saturday, May 16, outside the competition itself, these were not the actual events, but were a “working copy."  None of the guests listed have committed to attend any events on Saturday, May 16, nor have such events been scheduled. Please disregard the announcement as it was sent by technical error. A correct email with the updated notice was sent March 23.

Welcome to the Litigation Section Page

The Litigation Section includes those who have a substantial portion of their practice in civil litigation. The section council, consisting of both plaintiff and defense attorneys, seeks to achieve a balanced approach to issues affecting litigation.

About the Litigation Section

The Litigation Section takes the lead in addressing changes in the rules of civil procedure, the ethics rules and other statutes affecting civil litigation. The section sponsors CLE programs and services; provides members with a substantive newsletter; and helps mold the NCBA's legislative agenda for presentation to the General Assembly.

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    Section members receive The Litigator newsletter, which recently featured the following article:

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  • Top 10 Jury Trial Practice Tips

    Veteran litigator Daniel K. Bryson shares his “Top 10 Fundamental Jury Trial Practice Tips."

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