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Membership Rates

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Attorney Membership

  • Regular Member: A member in good standing of the N.C. State Bar or a resident of N.C. who is duly licensed to practice law in any other state.
  • Out-of-State Member: A lawyer duly licensed to practice law in a state other than N.C. and who does not reside in N.C.
  • Annual attorney rates are determined by year of practice as of December 31st: 1st-2nd year: $0 | 3rd-5th year: $180 | 6th+ year: $360 | Retired (please see description below): $90

Judge Membership

  • A judge of a court of the State of N.C. or the United States, duly licensed to practice law in N.C. or any other state, and residing in N.C.
  • This membership category does not apply to retired judges
  • Annual judge membership: $180

Paralegal Membership

Two classes of paralegal membership are open to those who perform or are eligible to perform substantive legal work under the direction of an attorney:

  • Paralegal Division Provisional | Paralegals who are currently unemployed or have been employed for less than one year.
  • Paralegal Division Regular | Paralegals employed by an attorney for at least three consecutive years OR at least one year with completion of one of the following: NCCP status by the N.C. State Bar, certification from the NALA exam, a four-year B.A. or B.S. from an accredited school, a community college paralegal program or an ABA-accredited program for paralegals.
  • Paralegal Division students must use the Paralegal Student specific application
  • Annual paralegal membership: $90

Affiliate Membership

  • The NCBA offers an Affiliate membership in 11 of our Sections: Administrative Law; Dispute Resolution; Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Law; Intellectual Property Law; International Practice; Juvenile Justice & Children’s Rights; Military & Veterans Law; Privacy & Data Security; Small Firm & Technology; Workers’ Compensation; Zoning, Planning & Land Use
  • Annual affiliate membership: $90

Law Student Membership

  • Students enrolled and in good standing of an accredited law school or provisionally accredited law school are eligible for membership in the NCBA.
  • Annual law student membership: $0

Emeritus Membership

  • NCBA members who have been a member for a total of at least 40 years, who are 70 years of age and older and are no longer practicing full-time.
  • Annual Emeritus membership: $180
  • For more information or to apply for an Emeritus Membership with the NCBA, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 919.677.0561.

Retired Membership

  • A member reaching the age of sixty (60) and having elected Inactive Retired Status with the North Carolina State Bar.
  • Annual Retired membership: $90
  • For more information or to apply for a Retired Membership with the NCBA, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 919.677.0561.

Sustainer Membership

  • A lawyer who otherwise qualifies as a regular member and who supports the work of the NCBA through the payment of the sustaining dues established by the Board.
  • Annual Sustainer membership: $720
  • For more information or to apply for a Sustainer Membership with the NCBA, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 919.677.0561.


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Discounts and Scholarships Available

Your financial situation should not limit your ability to join the NCBA. Subsidies exist for district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, public defenders and qualifying active military, as well as need-based scholarships for attorney members. Apply for subsidies and scholarships.

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